Anime Thread

There is no Anime thread? Or did I just miss it?

What are your Top Animes?

In no real order, mine are.

Death Note
Samurai Champloo
Elfen Lied
Full Metal Alchemist
Future Diary
One Punch Man

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One punch man
Soul Eater
Helsing ultimate

Will update more later

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I’ve only watched Hellsing and One Punch Man I think. Not a big fan of anime.

I tried, a few times, I honestly cant watch it either

Have you guys tried dubbed or subbed anime? I for one can’t watch dubbed once I have watched the original and get used to the original voices.
The dubbed version of Samurai Champloo is absolutely amazing though and that would be a good start to watch anime. It is very quirky and funny but filled with loads of action.

Then Death Note is the best Dark/Psychological anime I have seen. Only a few eps, and is very quick to start and get hooked.

I used to watch Naruto Religiously, but it started to get like Bleach. Waaayyyyy too many fillers

My biggest problem is time. I would rather watch a show. I’ve been watching 12 Monkeys season 3 now for a couple of months and there’s not that many episodes. If I don’t get time to watch that then there’s no chance of finding time to watch an anime. Otherwise I would have tried some more.

It is nice to watch something less serious, and artistic. I love cartoons, but the cartoons these days suck. So Anime gives me that creative kick I want (even though I am not artistic myself at all).

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I liked Black Lagoon.

I tried it all, subbed, dubbed superglued, velcro, the works

I honestly dont get the culture

My all-time favourite Anime series is Trigun. It is everything that I love about Anime.

Other series that I’ve enjoyed are:
Full Metal Alchemist (1st one and Brotherhood)
Attack on Titan (Season 1 was intense, 2nd season less so)
GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)
Samurai Champloo
Swort Art Online (1st season)
Golden Goy (possibly because I watched this as a teenager…)

I haven’t watched much anime in recent years to be honest but I must still get round to watching One Punch Man.

Also, if you are thinking of trying out anime, don’t start with Neon Genesis Evangelion. You are not ready for that.

I wanted to make one, then I recalled that the old one in MyG eventually died out as people lost interest/posted less or left the forums.


I’ll leave a list of shows for those who are interested in watching something different and have already seen the most common or well known titles like; Cowbow Bebop, Deathnote, One Punch Man, Full Metal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, My Hero Acadamia and so on. I’ll exclude shows which are considered, heavy or hard to get into.

My Hero Acadamia : Classic action anime filled with tropes but still fun to watch.

ERASED (The Town Without me) : Amazing thriller with time traveling elements in it.

Mob Psycho 100 : From the creator of One Punch Man, imagine being the most powerful Psychic in the world.

Seven Deadly Sins : Medieval and fantasy clash in this age of tale of revenge and betrayal.

From The New World : Highly recommended, twisted sci-fi and dark fantasy.

Death Parade : Playing games to determine your ultimate and eternal fate.

Kids on the Slope : Light heated comedy about life and jazz.

Assassination Classroom : Kill your teacher, or he destroys the world.

KonoSuba : Being in a MMO, is not so bad, right?

Overlord : Being a evil ruler has it’s perks specially when you no longer feel human.

The Master of Killing Time : A short (8 minutes) light hearted series about the adventures of two desk mates in high school.

Darker than BLACK : People are bound to a contract which gives them powers beyond belief but, is it worth the price?

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure : I can’t really summarize this onto a short sentence. It’s really a good show (in my opinion), if you can get past the initially slow but extremely necessary introduction to the series you’ll be in for a treat, as that sets the foundations for everything that follows.

Parasyte -the maxim- : Extraterrestrials attempt to assimilate into more than human society.

Ping Pong The Animation : With some truly unorthodox animation this sports anime is about friendship, facing hardships and ping pong.

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Watch Death Note. It’s great. Not like most other Anime with 300+ episodes.

Death Note is the greatest anime ever made and nothing will ever be better. End of Story.

Other than that these days I can only stomach One Punch Man and Dragonball.

Busy watching one piece finally, on episode 499, must say im enjoyong the lack of fillers :rofl: i am a slight anime addict, am currently watching : angels of death, one piece, black clover and food wars. Yes all at once as many are being released weekly…

What are your Top Animes?

I don’t really have a list of my all time favorites and it tends to change as the years progress, I generally think of a top anime as something I could watch more than once and still thoroughly enjoy.

Has no one else watched Black Lagoon?

I have! Have you watched Roberta’s Blood trail? It’s a continuation of the series in a way.

My incomplete in no particular order list:

Yakitate Japan
Full Metal Alchemist
Attack on Titan
Sgt. Frog
Initial D
Onegai Sensei
Gurren Lagann

I will check it out.

My semi-updated list:

I havent loaded a lot of the stuff i watched when i was younger