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Right I think that is everything


I started watching an anime and some how stopped but want to watch it again. I however can’t remember for the life of me what it was.

Perhaps someone can help.

A kid goes to school and tries out for all these clubs (sport, drama, and and and), but does not fit in anywhere. Then he somehow gets to this guy who believes he is a real exorcist but is actually a fraud. Then they fight all these demons and stuff but the apprentice does all the fighting actually.


Does he join the body improvement club, work for a fraudster psychic with masseuse skills and have the opposing psychic activity club constantly try and recruit him?

That’s 100% Mob Psycho 100


Sounds like Mob Psycho 100


Hahahah that is it @Glordit and @TechThief


Wow scary, your names are Michael and Anton O_o. My name and my fathers name


I really struggle watching Dubbed anime for some reason! Anyone else the same?



Almost done with Future Diary… Wow… It gets so damn intense and emotional towards the end. Really tugs on the heart strings


It depends a lot on who is voicing the characters but often I find dubs to be annoying and very expressionless. I have noticed that Japanese Senyu’s (voice actors) generally have a larger vocal range and can easily voice more than one character or even genders. Goku in the Japanese dub of DBZ is voiced by a woman, for example

Translations and facial animation limits also hinder the dubbing of anime. You can’t say too much and you can’t say too little, it’s all got to fit in with the animation. With regards to translations it also serves as another problem dubbing studios face. While Japanese language structure is identical to almost every other language besides English. Inference and meaning can change depending on word usage.

There’s a handful of good dubs, but often times I find that studios are trying to portray a character who is not what is being displayed.

It also revolves around the studio responsible for dubbing, and who is used to do it. FUNimation mostly seems to have some decent dubs. With Panty and Stocking taking on a Adult rating to make full use of it’s vulgar humor and reinforce it with no holds barred language use. Fuck, shit and cock are just some of the colorful words that are used, and as childish as it sounds, it helps reinforce the crude but funny humor.

Manga Entertainment, is also another studio which has some pretty decent dubs but again they are based in the UK and tend to use a more international cast of voices, rather than sticking to american ones. I recall Ghost in the Shell Innocence had 2 english dubs, a UK and Australian one.

I can also guess if your first few experiences watching anime where dubbed shows, you’d find it more natural than a subbed ones and easier to follow as you don’t have to read subtitles. For me, it’s so easy to browse past them after years of watching.

But I digress, watch what ever you think is cool.



Looking for an anime where the protagonist is reborn in a fantasy world and has like a cheat ability, any recommendations?


There’s a few, the “cheat” ability is just slightly different depending on the show. Most of them are centered around players who have become stuck in a game or different world and gain abilities.

I would say that, Overlord fits the description perfectly.

There is also:
No Game No Life
Sword Art Online

Honorable mentions: They don’t feature the main character waking up in a new fantasy world but do feature some form of different world and fantasy.

The Town Where Only I am Missing
From The New World


mmm Not a big fan of the whole “stuck in a game” genre, but i like the, reincarnated into a world that uses game type stats and so forth, more similar to this:

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken


Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu
Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko


Overlord is pretty close to that, the only person who know’s it’s a game is the main character. As the first and further seasons progress it’s less about the game and more about building the world.

There are not many anime that are exactly like Slime Datta, there are ones which have reincarnations into different worlds but, with the popularity of MMO’s they all seam to gravitate towards that. Phantom Thief Jeanne has a resurrection plot to it but it’s more of a modern fantasy.


I finished One Punch Man the other day, really fun Anime.


Ok i’ll give Overlord a try, SAO and the ./hack animes left a bad taste in my mouth for the “stuck in game” genre.



A friend has sent me this gem on Whatsapp lmaooo

— Apex Oliver🦏 (@ApexOliver) November 20, 2018


Haha that is quite good


Honestly don’t know if there’s any value or interest in these anime games (not my jam, as the kids say) but in case there is:

10 game Anime Tales Bundle on Fanatical @ $4.99 (±R69)



There is a short manga about internet browsers which is kind of funny