Another one of those stupid math quizzes... can you answer it?

If you’ve ever been on Facebook I’m sure you’ve come across many of these picture maths quizzes. I usually ignore them but this one had a fair number of people stumped. So since it’s lockdown and there’s not to much going on - why not give it a try?


Blurred for the sanity of others.

The answer is fifty six.

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I am NOT doing this one :stuck_out_tongue:
I am proud to say I havent caved yet



I change mine to 73

I demand more fucking pixels for that picture




I change my answer to 32.

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Show us?

4 x 7 + 4

See that makes no sense to me but then again all maths is greek to me

in the first picture the wizard is holding the broom and the wand.
In the last picture the wizard is not. then its pretty straight forward from there.

Since you multiply before you add.

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None of the answers are correct yet.

Is the answer potentially 37?

Nope, it’s not

109 :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m getting 73

I got a few answers then i looked again and got

needed to look closer

lol could not remember how to hide ><

My Answer


Hmmm, well then I am missing a trick somewhere. Here is my formula:

On correction of my simple math problem:

assume the wand is X, the broom is Z, the witch is Y
Then the expressions are as follows, according to what can only be assumed from the picture:
(X+Y+Z) + (X+Y+Z) + (X+Y+Z) = 45
X + X + X = 21
Z + 2Z + Z = 12 (there are two brooms in the picture)
Z + Y x 2X = ? (there are two wands)
X = 7
Z = 3
then filling in that means Y = 5
Lastly that means it comes to 73

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The picture is different. Jou ma se trick


One person has guessed it! (I’ve private messaged them)

But I’ll give the rest of you a chance before revealing the answer.

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Arg, I didn’t see the extra wands and brooms.

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