Anthem (2019)



Depends on how this weekend goes i might only be able to play on Sunday. Also my internet isn’t that fast to downloading 40GB takes me a while


Damn, I just saw that I didn’t sign up for the playtest. Oh well, I’ve signed up now. Let’s see what happens.


If I could give mine to someone I would but I dont dare cos it will break the nda and origin scares me


You still get the option to sign up? Thought you had to do that before Dec 3? No option to re-apply for me:


No I mean I didn’t even log into the playtesting portal. I’ve done that now and completed my profile and whatnot.

They say that people who didn’t get in would get a mail as well… did you get one?


Nothing yet.


And now my download is not finishing :frowning:


Servers overloaded, give it a minute


I will leave the pc on overnight
lets see what happens


Pre-loading now, here’s to hoping in finishes tomorrow


And now I remember why I wont play Anthem


Game still will not dowload, and I cannot find a fix


That sucks, stupid question, but you do have enough space on your hhd, right?

Checked mine this morning at it said 34min to go, so should be done after work


I have moved it from a drive with 80gigs free to one that has 1tb free, I have done their “clean boot” suggestion, I run the origin app as admin
I have stood on my head and farted into the north blowing wind as well.

This is why I gave up on mass effect andromeda - my game would not update


I’ve heard of this method before…


First Bioware game since baldur’s gate that I am not excited for.


Lol didn’t even see it was a bioware game, I know it won’t live up to hype, and whatever the developers say it’s gonna be able to do, there will be bugs, and glitches etc. etc. but that’s why I am trying the alpha :smiley:

Also if I have my time right, the servers should be up in an hour


After 8 reinstalls it is now downloading, 50% done

Tech I was under the impression it starts at 5pm?


this is what the website says:

We would like to start with giving you a very warm welcome to the Anthem Closed Alpha that will officially start on Saturday, 8th of December 9AM CST, and continue till Sunday. Full schedule is as follows:

Saturday, December 8th:

9AM - 12PM CST (15:00 - 18:00 UTC)
2PM - 5PM CST (20:00 - 23:00 UTC)

Sunday, December 9th:

9AM - 12PM CST (15:00 - 18:00 UTC)
2PM - 5PM CST (20:00 - 23:00 UTC)

But i know what you mean, origin says this:
Windows release date: December 8, 2018 5:00 PM SAST

so now I am not sure myself




lol wtf