Anthem (2019)




I am retarded, just ignore me


BTW our forum has a built-in date/time feature. Unfortunately the graphical interface doesn’t let you set which timezone to convert from (it uses the global setting — SAST/CAT), but you can set it in the code (or just use it to check your calculations).

Using timezone Africa/Johannesburg:

[date=2018-12-08 time=17:00:00  timezone="Africa/Johannesburg" timezones="US/Central|UTC"] → [date=2018-12-08 time=20:00:00  timezone="Africa/Johannesburg" timezones="US/Central|UTC"]


Using timezone US/Central:

[date=2018-12-08 time=09:00:00  timezone="US/Central"] → [date=2018-12-08 time=12:00:00  timezone="US/Central"]



For anyone that’s been accepted into the Alpha make sure you play test schedule has been approved and that your dates are correct. @Wyvern @TechThief

I wasn’t able to access anything except the main menu and found out that my session has been approved but only for tomorrow.


I am getting a “no server found error”


Are you scheduled for today? @TechThief


I am but stuck at a braai where food hasn’t gotten started


Sounds like your typical braai



This is a chop. If you’re in the closed alpha don’t be like him. EA are not messing about with people who break the NDA:

(On the subject of chops, did you ever get fed Wyv?)


We finally ate at 9:30 got home by 11. Will see if I can play tonight. From 5 till 10 if I do my Maths right


Hopefully I can get in today, I was approved for yesterday, but I simply could not get in, other people had the same problem.


Hey i am in


So am I kinda, took me to long to sort out basics that are irritating me


Cool if you want tp try playing together, give me a shout

TechThief on origin if you want to add me


Nope. The controls and buttons irritate the living crap out of me, lots of small things that I cannot overlook. I will try again with the next test.


Understandable, few things that do annoy me as well, but it is extremely early alpha, so let’s see how it goes with the next one.


Im not hopeful. Issues that was in andromeda is already in this one, and we know how much they love to fix stuff


Agreed. I had to stop playing an hour into the game because of the controls. Everything seemed clunky, especially the flight controls but I’m hoping that because it’s an Alpha the controls will still be adjusted down the line.


At least you could fly! I kept crashing