Anthem (2019)



Oh bloody hell!! Another complication? Why EA?? Why do you make it so hard for us to like you?


That is indeed me


I think that’s how it works (don’t quote me :D). A buddy of mine had to create an alt account back when we tried out BF5. Also, it only allowed him to play for 7 days or 10 hours (which ever came first)


Friend Request sent, PM-ing the link to you now…


Awesome thank you so much!


Pleasure bud, hope it works!!


I will keep an eye on this thread for some views on how the game is, before I commit to it.

Mainly I will be looking for how this plays in relation to something like Destiny 2 (which I rather enjoy). So if the feedback is "It’s basically Destiny 2 but " I’m probably going to be keen.

Probably. I don’t like the way EA does things tbh, so I’m super sceptical.


Thanks for the offer! Hang on, let me execute my plan and see if the information I’ve gathered is accurate before you waste an invite on me.


Destiny 2 - pc or console?


I’m a console pleb, soz


You suck :stuck_out_tongue:


You don’t know the half of it!


I am also keen on seeing where this goes.

If this is like Destiny 2 in the way that you have a great story, great fun progression with fun ways to combine abilities until… the story is done and all you have are daily missions and endless grind for gear that is just a month or two of repetitive activities away.

Then paying R200 a month to reach that stepladder up to the hamster wheel of doom… and then stop playing, sounds like a great idea.





I just want a fun post-story gameplay loop that I can enjoy with my friends (or solo) a la Destiny 2 or Diablo 3.

I don’t mind the grind, as long as the rewards are good, and seasonal rotations keep things interesting.


yep you found me


Personally, I would LOVE a game to come out where I pay for the time I play. The one thing I HATE (and I do not use that word lightly) is paying for a month of play time, because every hour that I am not playing makes me anxious about the money I am wasting.


Gotta love origin


Lol. I think their site is getting hammered right now. Tried reloading the Refer a Friend page 5 minutes ago, and it’s still hanging…