Anthem (2019)



Yay thank you!

I are eternally grateful

I just want to know if the flying controls are better than the alpha

Also if the sticks had been removed from peoples asses

Also I didnt have origin access


OK confirmed that I have access to the Anthem demo preload after signing up for Origin Access Basic.

I had to kill my Origin client and relaunch it for it to appear, though. Before that it was just trying to upsell me on Origin Access Premium.

@GregRedd: Thank you very much, but I won’t need the invite. (If @CrONus was right it might not have worked anyway — I signed up for the free month(s) of Origin Access awhile back.)

The reason I was was asking for one initially was because I thought the only way to get access to the VIP Demo this weekend (and friend codes) was through a pre-order. Then I went on my fact-checking expedition.

Plus this way there are more invites to hand out in our community :slight_smile:.


Schweet. So I have more Invite to give out to whoever wants it…


Some questions:

  1. Anyone know how big the demo download is? I need to figure out if it will take me the whole weekend to download the demo that I can only play on the weekend.

44GB I read, answered my own question. No demo for me then, I can download tops about 8gb a day

  1. Will you have to redownload the entire game again for early access?

And no, will have to download the full game for launch


May i have one if you do not mind.


No problem…

This you on Origin?

Done. That’s my 3 invites gone. Anyone else needs to speak to @SIGSTART :slight_smile:


Ok this shit is convoluted. Someone give me a TLDR. I have origin access premier. The demo is currently downloading. When can i play it?



thanks. But what is VIP? is that for pre orders?


sorry im stupid and my brain is not yet on


No, the VIP part is for those with Origin Access Premier, like you…


amazing. Wife is going away for the weekend as well. So this is a lovely surprise


Enjoy! Remember to come back here and tell everyone how it is such a rip-off of Destiny and how Bungie’s new independence will ensure we get a better game in the future…


Ha ha. will do man.


Remember that this is a demo, from what I read, any progression will be whiped before launch. You start at level 10, approximately half way through the story.

Don’t get too attached to anything you do.


I just want to see the controls

That and the flight mechanics is what is putting me off the game, plus a fair few issues I saw from the cutscenes


I spent far too much time making a silly video. Warframe versus Anthem: Shots Fired! :smiley:


The comparisons are pretty huge. Will have to see how the game loops work and if they are the same as WF. At least you can swim in Anthem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can swim in Warframe! (On the Grineer Sealab tileset.)

As much as Anthem has in common with Warframe and Destiny, it does a bunch of stuff differently too based on the gameplay videos.

Not long now, though, then we can see for ourselves.


Agreed, I will be getting premier on the 14th of Feb to play it for a month and see.