Anthem (2019)



What I am actually, really looking forward to is some MEW grouping with this game. It is evident that there is substantial interest in our gaming community.


Yes that is indeed me,

So are we all going to group up :smiley:


How can you separate EA and Bioware, they are the same company and has been for some time now. Bioware is not the company they were when the docs were in charge.

I will probably give the game a go because I have ea premier but I am not really excited. Lacks fundamental aspects that made a bw rpg a bw rpg.


The same way I separate all developers from their publishers. Developers are frequently at odds with the demands of their publishers.

Case in point: Bungie and Activision Blizzard. Despite signing a 10-year deal with Actizard, Bungie extricated themselves after 8 years and are going it alone now with Destiny 2.

Your point about the original Bioware founders retiring is an interesting one, but a separate discussion. It has nothing to do with separating developer from publisher. EA effectively acquired Bioware in 2007. The docs only retired in 2012.

Let’s not forget that Bioware created one of its most beloved franchises, the Mass Effect series, after EA acquired it. EA did some horrible nonsense even during that time, but despite that Bioware managed to work around it to release a great set of games.

It also created the Dragon Age franchise in that time. I know DA2 wasn’t as well received, but I know a lot of folks who loved Inquisition — which was released in 2013 after the docs left.


I liked DA2,
Also it may not be a normal BioWare rpg, but i think that is fine, i’m all for developers trying new ways of creating games, especially since it is a new IP


Yeah it was still well received (by critics and fans). Fans of the Dragon Age franchise I know just didn’t like it as much as the other games. (And its review scores trended a bit lower than the other games, IIRC)

This is what Casey Hudson (whose reputation for the Mass Effect finale may not be in the best place, in fairness) had to say about the Anthem narrative:

We also wanted it to be an experience you could share with friends, and to have a story that doesn’t just come to an end, but takes place in a world where things are happening right now.

We knew there would be challenges. People are skeptical of the idea of story in an online game, and for good reason. Often, the nature of online multiplayer games tends to fight story agency and interesting character interactions.

We designed Anthem to address these design challenges by trying something new and different. With Anthem, we aim to integrate the fun of multiplayer missions with your friends, and single-player story agency and characters, into a connected narrative experience – set in a world designed to be always changing, and where anything is possible. The result is an intentionally unique structure which is fundamental to Anthem’s design and even the universe it’s set in.

Anthem will launch with a ton of content, including a substantial main story that introduces you to the world and its characters. But there’s still a missing ingredient that we haven’t been able to test Anthem with: you. So, over the next month as you start to have opportunities to try what we’ve created, I ask you to keep one thing in mind: The launch of Anthem is not the end – it’s the beginning of an ongoing story in which you are a critical element . If there’s something you want more of, we can build it. If something isn’t right, let us know. And the story itself will unfold over time based on how you play the game. Soon, we will reveal more about our plans for how we intend to support that ongoing stream of content and features.


Mass Effect 1 was finished well before EA had any real influence on BW. Ea bought out VG holding corp and with it BW on 11 Oct 2007. ME 1 was released 20 Nov 2007. Game had already gone gold.

If you want to compare EA’s influence compare DA origins to the rest in the series. DAO is real original BW rpg, the others are all streamlined to meet EA’s expectations.


I don’t follow your logic at all. First you nitpick about Mass Effect 1, but then you use Dragon Age: Origins as a basis for comparison when it was released in 2009 — two years after the acquisition.

Regarding Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 was arguably the best entry in the franchise and it was released in 2010.

Anyway… while pitting our Googling skills against one-another might be fun, nothing you’ve said really ties back to your original bone of contention — the fact that I think developers and publishers are separate factors to consider in a game.

You seem to be arguing about the direction Bioware may or may not be taking with Anthem’s storytelling, character development and such, and what influence EA may have had over that. To that I can only say that you are making an awful lot of assumptions, and ignoring strong data from after the EA acquisition.

That said, while I do argue that Bioware and EA are separate beasts, you seem to have ignored the statements in my earlier post where I said EA may have a tremendous influence over how Anthem is monetised.

Here’s the way I see it: Bioware might make a great game out of Anthem, like Bungie has eventually done with Destiny 2.

However, if EA forces Bioware to use predatory or otherwise tasteless monetisation options, like Blizzivision did with Destiny 2, then it can wreck the game.


I tried running the demo after the download completed and it kept opening on my second monitor instead of my main one. A bit of config file tweaking fixed it though.

Anybody else run into this?


Wow… Bioware != EA != Dice?! Here I thought they were all one and the same and I was looking forward to the next Mass Star Battle Age!

/sarcasm, if it wasn’t evident enough


Mine worked fine, but I did see a couple of Reddit posts mentioning the same thing, and also a few saying they got the load screen spread over both monitors. Presumably when we can actually get into the demo we’ll be able to access settings to adjust.



I still need to finish the download :S


Haha! I actually have no idea when its Anthem and when it is not! Have never played either so they look very similar!


Come on!


Well this is the most predictable problem in the world…


I see everyone else is also playing… “spam the enter button”


I’ve got so far as the settings screen. Now it’s stuck on “Connecting to Online Services…” with no option to quit.


My expectations for a smooth final release have come down a bit


I find it interesting that they haven’t increased the server capacity for these types of launches, be it only for 24hrs. Just so people can get in and the devs are able to receive some testing data. Perhaps they’ll spin up some more servers in the next few mins/hour.