Anthem (2019)



I’m in!


I’ve given up :rofl: Will try again tomorrow when my group is ready


Nice. Looking forward to your impressions.

Other than checking that the Demo downloaded okay a few hours ago, I haven’t bothered trying to start it yet. I’ll give it a few more hours for the rush to smooth out a bit, and maybe try later tonight, else do like @CrONus and give it a whirl in the morning.

Those who do get in, share your thoughts when you can.


I’m in. Loading times are a bit hectic


So origin just completely shit the bed? Can’t log in at all


Looks that way. And it’s pretty widespread across most EA servers… These are the top 12 “Number of Errors Reported” sites at the moment on


I’ve also just realised that it’s only early-mid afternoon in the States at the moment. When they get out of school and work and go into Friday evening there, it’s probably only going to get worse.

Yeah, I’m not even going to try tonight. Will have a look in the morning rather. Hopefully they’ll have sorted out server loads by then, and the Yanks have started to go to bed.


So, it’s just a coincidence that Anthem Beta launches and a few hours later their services go down. LOL


I gave up trying to play last night due to server issues.

Finally got in this morning after a bit. The game plays quite well. It feels more like a fluid Division than a 3rd person Destiny.

I think the servers are still quite messed up as I started getting horrible rubberbanding that made carrying on the first mission impossible. Will try again later.


It still surprises me that big name developers and publishers get game server infrastructure so wonky


I suspect it has something to do with risk analysis on the cost of boosting server capacity for a few days vs the long term cost of not doing so in player drop off.

They probably did the calculations and came up with something like: “we moderately boost server capacity and we might lose a small amount of users because of congestion, but in the long run, our marketing and hype will make buyer numbers prevail”.


So I got access to the VIP demo through an invite… Busy with the 43GB download now. Anyone have feedback yet? One of my devs says the game is absolutely incredible and more than he anticipated it to be. Is he robbed of his wits, or is there truth in his statement?


Well you enjoyed The Division and Destiny so I would think you will enjoy this.

I haven’t played enough to say much more than its got potential.


“Enjoyed” Destiny is an understatement. I’m still besotted with it and keep on thinking about it when I’m not playing it. As much as I enjoyed The Division, it got really difficult to solo around Level 17, so I kinda just stopped playing it. I’d still like to revisit it again one day when I max out my Destiny 2 PL (currently at 640, 10 to go) and tried all the content at least once (which means all the raids and 3 more forges).


I’ve played through the story missions in the demo and… it’s OK.

There’s a lot to complain about (e.g. mouse & keyboard controls), but there is also a lot to praise.

Even if mouse & keyboard during flight and outside your suit doesn’t feel quite right, combat is tight and pretty satisfying. Feels a lot like Destiny, just from a Warframe perspective.

While I hesitate to make pronouncements based on just an hour or so of story gameplay, Anthem’s world and characters are interesting, and it looks as though the story can be good.

Also: I have one more invite left if someone wants it.


I’ll have a gander tonight. Actually quite curious to experience the game, to be honest…


I will try it again today, I am still sceptical, I do think it could be fun, but not at the price tag. I am also very worried, after watching a lot of videos and my brother playing the game that it will make me motion sick


ok nevermind it seems that they really dont want to let me play

I keep getting server errors as I load in


I have it in good faith that the bulk of it runs on a public cloud providers infrastructure. Which really begs the question.


We’re currently tracking issues for the Anthem VIP Demo and the team is working very diligently to quickly resolve them.

Here’s the current list of the most reported and known issues affecting some players.

  1. Infinite loading screens when launching the game or entering an expedition.
  2. Unable to get past the Anthem title screen.
  3. Some Xbox One players are unable to access the Anthem VIP demo.
  4. Some players are unable to access their Anthem VIP demo friends codes.

We will continue to update this thread with new information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience