Assassin's Creed Odyssey Official Thread



I have to wait until i have actually finished Origins before i can buy this… and everyone hating on Blackflag, there is something wrong with you!!!


@DieGrootHammer I stopped playing ass creed at the third game so my question is do I need to play the others to care about this one or did they give up on the secret society story line and just spin off more titles albeit this one is better than the others ?


I stopped playing after the second one. Was quite repetitive.


I played all of them except the last two. I like them a lot!


The story line is still there


No, you do not have to play the others to get the secret society storyline. In Origins there are some references to Templars and Assassin’s, but the story is very minimal and could literally be ignored altogether.

In Odyssey so far, at around 12 hours into it, I have not seen any reference to Templars or Assassin’s ever. In fact the main protagonist proclaims that they are not an assassin. At this moment it’s like that whole Abstergo storyline doesn’t even exist in Odyssey.


I should give blag flag ago now that I have a better GPU, the FPS was all over the show last time i tried it.


I stopped playing because of how clunky the movement controls felt to me. I tried giving Black Flag a chance again recently, but again i had to stop playing because of how the movement controls felt.


I was a huge Assassins Creed fan but stopped playing after AC III - not that I found AC III terrible but just got bored with all the side quests. What really put me off was series fatigue - the fact that every year there was a new AC game and I had barely finished playing the previous ones.

I am keen to continue playing them sometime - I’ve got AC IV installed and ready to play one day and Origins and Odyssey look really good.


I am sure you guys also get these, but you can win the Broken Spear of Leonidas:


this exactly, same thing happened to me


jip already entered :smiley:


This game is very pretty.

At sunrise

At sunset


I’ll say one positive thing about this game I saw now. The season pass includes AC III Remastered. I didn’t even know that was a thing. I hope it’s not too expensive as a standalone title. That is something I really want.


Yeah I found myself squinting at my screen as I was running into the sun

The skill tree is a bit of a personal headache for me…


Here’s what I found, don’t approach it like a normal Assassin’s Creed game. This is an RPG, so go and focus on a build for the play style you want. I’m focusing on Warrior and Assassin personally, not doing a lot for Hunter right now.


yeah my problem is the choices… I don’t like making choices. I want ALL the skills!

I’m currently going 2/3 assassin and 1/3 warrior. not bothering with hunter cause I almost never use my bow. Nice thing is that you can respec if you want.

My one gripe is that I only get 4 bloody skill slots


Just started playing today,I mean yesterday. By far the best AC after Brotherhood.
The only one I didn’t finish was AC:3. The combat system was terrible!


Every moment spent with this game makes me fall further and further in love with it.

Over the weekend I was going to an island for the main story quest. I saw a side mission pop up on another Island and thought I’d go check it out quickly. Well, 2 hours and 6 missions later I finished the side mission story line and got back on track. It completely enthralled me this side mission about a struggling city state and the corruption that’s been a plague.

But I’ve been to Athens now, been doing a bunch of missions for the main stories (yes there are multiple) and some side missions for Socrates. Each mission is interesting and a lot of choices I feel are going to come back to bite me.

So now on my way to go find Hippocrates.


I might have to take a break from ACOd :frowning:

since patch 1.03 the game is performing even worse…