Assassin's Creed Odyssey Official Thread



Over the weekend I finally finished the Main story quest, the family quest. I’m sitting on just over 60 hours in gameplay in getting to this point, and I have to say, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is by far my favourite AssCreed game ever. Let me gush for a moment about why I think that.

Firstly, the story has been very good. For those of you that feel like you’re not too into the whole current time vs ancient time story, don’t worry. In my 60 hours I only went back to “current time” in the story twice. I spent 30 minutes of the 60 hours on that. The entire rest of the game is all in ancient Greece. The game revolves around pretty much 3 story lines, the “main” Family story line, the end game “Cult of Kosmos” story line, and the very end game -redacted due to spoiler- story line. I liked and got rather involved in the Family story line. It took some unexpected turns, has multiple endings based on your choices, in fact it plays out differently based on certain choices you make in the game.

The chance encounters is the second reason I love this game. In a previous post in this thread I shared what happened on one island I just landed on. Well, that happened again and again on almost every island I docked at. And I spent hours running around doing those missions. The whole mini-story line on Mykonos was by far my favourite of them all. I didn’t want to leave the island, and felt genuinely sad to leave and continue with the story.

With all these chance encounters and enjoying doing them, I never ran into a situation where I ever felt the need to farm for experience, or that the story progressing beyond my level. I always felt like the game was following my progression so closely it must be by design. This was a big issue for reviewers that commented that they felt the game was pushing them to buy the microtransactions because of the slow pace. The game only told me once, after 10 hours, that there was a store, and never got any other notification for it ever again. And never felt the need to even look at what is to buy in the store.

Now I’ll say something controversial though, I totally get why they added microtransactions into the game. It is not a short game. It is huge and there are way too much to see and do for any normal person without a ton of free time to complete. Chances are the average person with a family and a 9-5 job will never see the end of the game. Those microtransactions just speeds up thing for people like that. But here’s the thing, the game doesn’t feel artificially slow because of them.

The voice acting and performance of the main protagonists, either Alexio or Kassandra, are bloody amazing! The script they get the read also has some really awesome highlights, and I found myself laughing at times, and even getting emotional at certain points as well.

Overall the experience with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has been tremendous. It’s been the only game I wanted to play more than Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s not a better game than RDR2, don’t get me wrong, but it was the only game I felt like playing when I needed a break from playing cowboys. And even now, after all these hours, after completing the main story line, I still want more, and look forward to completing the other story lines.


Why would it be bad to rate it above RDR2? If a game is deserving of a personal preference above Rockstar’s mega hit, then call it.


I’m not saying I don’t want to rate it above RDR2. My personal preference is that RDR2 is a much better game than Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. But, I enjoyed my time spent in ACOd more than RDR2. They are similar games on opposite side of the fun vs authenticity scale. When I got a bit tired of the realness of RDR2, ACOd was there for levity and pure unadulterated fun.


Fixed that for ya :wink: