Assetto Corsa Endurance Race

Edit: It has been decieded, Daytona Road Course, Corvette C7R
Practice Server: MEW Racing League - Race Weekend: Daytona 3h - Practice Session
Track alt link:

Server restarts every 2 hours, new registrations will take effect at the beginning of a new practice session

Since people on MEW and other local racing communities have shown interest in a longer format endurance race (2/3 hours), I though I’d create this topic and get organising.

This is all subject to change, but for the moment I’m thinking we run this on AC as apposed to ACC as it’s the more accessible game of the 2.
We will probably be racing on a standard length track and not on La Sarthe where Le Mans takes place, unless we get like 20+ people interested.
I’m unsure of the cars to use, whether we should all use identical cars or not. It will probably be something in the GT3/GTE range though. The Porsche 911 RSR 2017 (5 tyre compounds to choose from!) is a popular one for endurance events in AC.

If we do manage to get lots of interest, we could even do multiclass and throw a couple LMP cars in the mix.

Before I get ahead of myself…
Beemerstein has ruled out a few days since there are weekly events on all other days of the week, e.g. on MEW, Monday is MNR, Thursday is F1, Wed/Thur has a bunch of events that the TTSA and TMSA guys take part in. So that leaves us with Tuesdays and Weekends.

Please use the poll here instead, as I forgot to make it multiple choice.

Track and car preferences I’ll leave to comments.

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Please tag anyone I’ve left out.


cc. Other MEW Steam Friends that own Assetto Corsa: @Avatar @Nosferatie @Konck @Pamar @Entity @Flex @Deadlypinecone - come join in this once-off race! And @FarligOpptreden too if you ever added AC to your collection - don’t think you did because you aren’t in my list and I’m 99% certain we are Steam Friends. (If you’re not in OPs @'s, and I’ve missed you in my list, it’s because we’re not Steam Friends. And that’s entirely your fault, not mine! Fix it.)

I voted Tuesday but am happy to make a plan if the consensus is for a weekend, if I can.
As for cars and circuits, I’ll leave that up to wiser Assetto Corsa users. But, I do prefer the idea of sticking to GT3/GTE class cars personally. Also, if it is only a small field, a short circuit (like Red Bull Ring for example) could work. Or if there’s enough drivers, maybe something like Kyalami would be fun.


I voted weekend, but am happy to do it on any day. Al the races you mentioned before are peanuts compared to a proper endurance race.

May I suggest a track:

Adelaide 2017


I’m dumb, please forgive, poll should have been multiple choice

  • Tuesday
  • Weekend

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I’d sooner drive a Ford Model T around the Nordschliefe.


I have the game! But never got it to pick up my G920, even with the other launcher and loads of fiddling. So I eventually just gave up on it and only went with ACC and PC2…

Im pretty busy until mid October, with an exam, a minor op, and a huge proposal all before the 16th. If after the 16th, I’m hell game for this.

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Might I humbly suggest Mount Panorama… to set apart the men from the boys


I’d have to pass unfortunately. With exams coming up, the little human in the house and me not having played much AC, things are a bit hectic atm… but I’m really keen though. I bought AC just for some change of scenery, but I just don’t have the time to get used to it yet.

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I concur!

Lol! I suggested this for our next AC League race

In properties
change steam input per game setting to none

Have you unplugged all other controllers?

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Haven’t tried that yet, will see if it makes any difference. Is it relevant even when trying that other AC launcher?

I don’t have any other controllers, other than my keyboard and mouse. I guess my Bluetooth XBOX One controller doesn’t really count, as it connects to my laptop’s internal Bluetooth controller? Regardless, I didn’t have it turned on when trying to start up AC.

It is relevant, because the launch of AC will be using steam properties, if that’s where you bought it on.

There is one esoteric bug left to check. PC2 has an odd bug where it fiddles in your registry w.r.t. your usb connections to game controllers, which can break subsequent racing games, picking up said controller. Details here at steamcommunity


What “Properties” where? In AC or Steam or the Logitech software? Maybe it’s part of the reason I have regular issues with my wheel too, like Tuesdays’ loss of FFB between qualifying and the race start?

I’m super keen to try this out!! I am okay with any day over the weekend or Tuesday.

@FarligOpptreden I’ve had issues with my wheel and AC as well. It’s a bit of a crap shoot with the game, but ensure you have the Logitech G Suit installed, remove the wheel from AC and reconfigure it again, restart the game and that usually does the trick for me.

For suggestions on track and cars, the list of GT3/GTE/LMP cars would be great. I’d suggest a shorter track as we won’t be too many people, and would be better for a sorter track. Otherwise it’ll be very lonely the entire race. Something like Suzuka, Spain or Sebring should be great to race.

In steam, right click on the game, select properties

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As much as I like the idea of multi-class, I prefer all in the same class for this event. If all of us drive LMP, thats fine, or whatever class. But multi class will mean less people to actually race.

As for the track, Suzuka is actually a great suggestion!

Also, what about:

Brands Hatch
Red Bull RIng

They are all included in the game and short-ish, yet fast tracks. Could limit the amount of distractions for a 3 hour race?


A shorter track like Magione :smirk:

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