Battlefield V



Who’s getting in on the Battlefield beta mid September? And subsequently purchasing it?

The last battlefield title played was 4. Then I skipped Hardline all the way past Battlefront and even Battlefield 1. Now Battlefield V despite it’s “controversy” looks pretty promising. I don’t care about the accurate history and having women or people with hooks as hands. I just want something fun to play.

Just wish we knew how servers are going to work and if we will be getting any local support for them.


I’ll definitely be playing the beta. That will decide if i’m going to buy the game or not. I would assume we’ll be getting local servers after what happened with BF1 but again i can only speculate on that. They might decide to not give us local servers and then we’ll have to go trough the whole “signing a petition” thing, etc.


I’ll definitely give the beta a go but won’t get the game at release, nearly R1k is more than I’m willing to pay for a game these days. I’ll rather wait for a sale if it proves to be worth it.


I don’t think I will be getting it. Its nothing to do with the ‘controversy’. I played BF3 then I didn’t really get into BF4 at all. So I’ll be skipping BF5 completely.


EA has officially removed the NDA on Beta footage from Gamescon. Not that there was already footage leaked on Monday and Tuesday. Larger Youtubers have since uploaded footage. It is looking really impressive, if I do say so myself.


I’m really sceptical but also excited for this game. After having played BF1 so much this almost feels like DLC. I understand that they used the same engine and in some cases reused certain assets which only increases the feeling of “it looks like DLC” for me. And of course the difference between WW1 and WW2 will be minimal in terms of how the cities look, etc.

But as mentioned, i am excited to play the beta. It’ll give me a good understanding of the gun play mechanics and how they differ from BF1 which ultimately will determine if i buy it or not.


BF V has been delayed:

This can only be for the best.


The Beta is still on for Early September, the release date for the 20th of Nov is for the Standard edition of the game.

EA Origin Access gets it the 9th of November, then Limited Ed. 16th and everyone else the 20th.



BF V Beta Patch Notes:

Open Beta Server Location Availability

For the Open Beta we will have game servers available in the following locations:
Europe West - UK
Europe Central - Germany
US West
US East
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
Hong Kong

We getting servers! YAS!


Looks like you can start pre-loading the game for the beta



Yeah. I let mine preload last night, so I’m ready for the 6th.


Ok, so show of hands who is going to be playing?


its a no from me, no single player.
i love the franchise though


BF single player has always been a bit meh


its a great mindless shootem up. doesnt require much thought for the most of it


If you pre-order on Origin you don’t get charged immediately. (Well I was not charged yet) So you can get in early.


You should be able to sign up for their origin premier thing which should give you early access as well… i think.


I can wait. How much earlier do you get access?


Yeah but I’m not signing up for Premier to play open beta. If I like the game I’ll consider Premier when the game releases


After a tweet, I checked Origin to see if I could start DLing and have begun…

Last BF I played was BF4.




Today as opposed to the 6th I think