Battlefield V



That’s my plan too. If i like the game I’ll get the premier thing.


1.84GB or 12.44GB downloaded.


How long did it take to download that 1.8GB?


Extremely fun with local servers. But at the moment just before the end of each match the server disconnects and all progress is lost. I hope this is sorted today or tomorrow. otherwise I’m all aboard. Simply because we don’t get a lot of local servers.


How many local servers are there?


that i cannot tell you. I pressed play and it did its thing


apparently the server browser stuff doesnt work yet


None showing up on the browser for Africa, so you got to match-make basically, and you can’t connect to EU servers because you get kicked for having a high ping.


Well that sucks. Can you match make while in a party? No point in playing if i can’t join up with friends.


DLing at 256KBs during the day; nightly from around 22:00, I increase it to the line’s full speed 4Mbps (512KBs).

Currently at 35%. I can only DL during lunch and when I close my shop in the evenings.
Unfortunately, i don’t DL overnight. Not yet, at least.


Seems like there is still problems with the servers, I can’t join servers from the browser but when I quick play I get put into German and UK server.


I hope it’s resolved once it goes fully public.


I think the beta opens for everyone today at 10:00?


Yep downloading now, should be done downloading once i get home


94% = 11.79 of 12.44GBs


I wish I knew I needed the latest graphics drivers as well … :unamused:

Welp – gotta do that first …


8 servers all full… rip playing with my squad :frowning:


Been like that for a while now. They force you to update the drivers in order to play. Sometimes it can be really annoying.


Experience has not been good so far.

Either the Beta is really poorly optimised or my system is showing its age badly.


Yeah optimization is quite bad, still quite fun though

Techthief on origin if you guys want to add me