Battlefield V



Hm… what are your settings?


Ulta/Low I get the same FPS. They really need to get rid of forced TXAA and opt for a resolution/sharpness scaling option rather.


Medium, across the board.


I’ve got medium/low settings and my fps is trash. I go down to 25fps at certain times. I guess they still need to do some optimization


BFV OB runs like Mass Effect: Andromeda on my PC. Worse.

Averaging below w/ crazy load times getting into and out of the game. Major stuttering is present. Was also kicked from a server.


Performance is all over the show. It is a beta so these types of problems are to be expected.

With my Ryzen 3 1200, GTX 1050ti and 8GB DDR4 I can run on ultra and get 40fps, then switch to low and still get 40fps, so there is probably a lot of tweaking to be done. I am thinking of getting an additional 8 in any case but I doubt that will help much with the average fps and just increase the minimum slightly.

I’ll wait till they have another beta(?) or launch to see if optimizations have been done.

The game is amazing, otherwise.

  • No more 3D spotting is so good but also makes you think more tactically.
  • Gunplay is amazing but sometimes frustrating, some guns are just better at hip fire than others.
  • Squad points are a game changer specially when you call in a rocket strike.
  • Sniping is more challenging and the DMR’s are a beasts in mid range combat. (Side note: Recon is now Kind of useless up close, so you have to sacrifice distance for the ability to shoot faster)**
  • The ammo/health mechanic is great, no more groups of players camping areas with infinite ammo and auto–regen HP.
  • Reinforcing mechanic is really fun, it makes players hold onto points a lot more now as opposed to just springing from one to the other. While this does happen still, it changes a bit slightly in the latter parts of the game when the tickets are close to each other.
  • Weapon tree is fun and exciting and offers some good ideas. *(see below)

  • The icons need some work, specifically with regards to reviving team mates.
  • The current reflex sight is useless, it’s way too dark.
  • StG is a little too OP. I noticed a lot of players go for one on the ground as soon as possible. Additionally 80% of the server is the Assault class with the Stg sometimes.
  • No Grand OP’s servers in the Beta (for SA) I hope this changes at launch it’s a really fun mode to play.
  • Weapon tree system also feels a little to OP with regards to upgrades. It might give a advantage to experienced players who have mastered recoil patters and upgraded their guns fully. */ **


I got horrible stuttering even though my FPS was decent - on DX12

Switched to DX11 and it ran much better - nice and smooth at 60-75FPS on medium. Running an i5 6600K and AMD R9 290


I managed to change a few things around and got way better fps. No stuttering at all, which is kind of surprising because with the BF1 beta i had micro stutters every few seconds. Also i wasn’t able to switch to different squads which was kind of annoying. Somehow manage to only switch squads once during my entire play session.

Will definitely be playing more this weekend because i want to test out all the weapons and perhaps play around in a tank or two. I’m kind of worried about grouping up as premades due to the servers being overly populated.


Premades doesn’t even work for me, me and my friend tried to join each other’s party before joining but it did not work at all, when i join his party it does not show for me that i have joined, and when he joins mine, he can’t see if he is in. And when you try joining a game as a “party” only the leader joins and the party member can’t manually join because he is not the leader, so he has to leave anyway in order to join the same match.

Then with the squad system which is also bugged to hell, it seems like you can only switch squads when you are alive, not that it matters since for the whole of two games i got thrown into diffirent squads randomly the whole time, no matter which one i joined manually


This sucks. I thought they figured out the squad systems.


Apparently if you type DLC in chat it gets censored.


They censored a lot of stuff, surprisingly.


Did some tweaking in and the game runs better now. Playably better.


Managed to group up and join a server after having major issues with squads. Turned out to be pretty fun in between the random bugs. I can see the potential in the game, as long as they manage to fix the bugs and optimize it a bit more then it should be solid fun game.


Same here, if they flesh it out a bit i could be very fun, also anyone else getting randomly “disconnected” or “kicked” out of the servers?


Yup. Happened at least 3x now.


Faster RAM helps!

I boosted my DDR4-2400 to ~2667 and got a 20fps jump. I still dip below 40’s and 50’s but it’s a lot more stable now.


Worst issues I’m having now is in the Summary Screen. Had my first hard crash earlier.


I’m going to wait a good few months and watch videos on major performance improvements before even considering buying this game.


It is a BETA and from reading other peoples comments on the BFV forums and Reddit, performance is just bad at the moment due to the game being incomplete.

I remember the BF3 Beta which suffered a lot of performance problems too but the release was much better as drivers got more mature and DICE was able to knock out a lot of the problems.