Battlefield V



I know, Beta (still in progress). Though, some are lucky enough to have solid, smooth gameplay now already. Imagine the final product.

Besides - I won’t have enough money to buy the game by release anyway…


I wouldn’t buy the game on release either. Waiting a few months for the game to become more stable etc is a pretty good idea. I’ll most likely go the Origin Premier route as i’m pretty sure i won’t be playing this game for more than 5 months straight anyway.


The disaster that was BF4 at launch and how long it took to fix everything does sit in the back of my mind. Hopefully DICE has learnt their lesson and the extra time before launch is used wisely.

I managed to snag a copy of CD Keys for around ~R600 before the exchange rate went up, I just pre-ordered on Origin to get early access to the beta. I could easily spend months if not more on it. I racked up 500 hours in BF3/4 back when they came out and close to 500+ in OW and R6 in the last 2 years.


Getting into a game is a bit rough. Even this early.


I’ve been thinking about this:

What res are you playing on?
Me - 1080p

What FOV are you using?
Me - 95 (the line between “too narrow” and “fisheye”)

What’s your mouse DPI and in-game sens?
Me - 720 DPI (mouse increases in 80 DPI increments)


1080p, 93, 400dpi (13% in game)


Uninstalled. Game runs like crap EVEN ON LOW and the crashed. My final straw.

Rather regretful how intensely I was defending it.


With the amount of bugs and glitches experienced during this beta i really hope they’ll run another one before launch. If the game is going to release in the state it is in now this game might not live up to their expectations.


They had a live stream recently as well as a few interviews(?) with the developers and they have said that they where ontop of the performance problems and many of the bugs in the beta.

I just hope they work more on the frustrating UI elements.


Well they also said that dragging a downed teammate is going to be a thing in the final release however i doubt it.


A video I watched on LevelCap’s channel: he claimed a second Beta was in fact happening before release. Assuming I understood him correctly.


That’s probably true, it’s about 2 months before the launch of the game, so a second beta would be nice.


Some more BF V info, that has been posted recently.


Does anybody know if there will be a beta for their battle royale? I need to play it before I make a call on my next purchase… Blops 4 of BF5


As far as i know the BR mode won’t be bundled with the game on release so there probably will be a beta, just not anytime soon i guess.


This was an extremely fun class to play in the Beta


Customization is looking good, from what is displayed in the combat role updates, which also look amazing. It appears that they mixed up some of the roles for balance purposes from the beta, which is good news. My understanding is that as the tides of war progress, there will be new combat roles introduced into the game.

Wonder if we will see a Assault/Support classes that specialize in AA.


Some more info on the combat roles for the classes

Personally i really like the medic roles


DICE had a AMA on the /r/battlefieldv sub-reddit, I’ll try and highlight the most important points.

  • Combat roles will not affect your current load out but will give you benefits to specific items in the world.
  • Customization is limited on a per-faction basis. So Axis and Allies will have separate visual unlocks to keep them from being indistinguishable.
  • The developers are looking at letting you switch out ammo/health pouches for ammo/heath boxes.
  • The Grenade launcher has had it’s trajectory arc changed as well as does more damage to fortifications.
  • Combat roles will be continuously balanced.
  • At launch there will be one soldier to one combat role, more to come post launch.
  • Combat roles will need to be unlocked once, per a faction.
  • You can switch out combat roles in the spawn screen
  • Tides of war to last around 2 years
  • Shotguns are limited to the Support Class, can change after launch.
  • Medics are the only class to have one weapon type, SMG’s.
  • No plans for “Universal” weapon load outs, yet.
  • Cammo might come at a later stage, if it’s requested.
  • Some new gadgets to be added, already have some as work in progress.

  • Regarding the paratrooper gear, there is 8 “sets” in total that you can get your hands on 5 from buying the deluxe edition, 1 from preordering and 2 from Road to battlefield and they are:

Jagdflieger – pilot
Sanitäter - medic
Fallschirmjäger - assault
Luftlandetruppen – support

Phantom Major – Captain
Desert Commando - Assault
Desert Driver – Support
Desert Medic – Medic

Each set consists of 3 parts, helmet/torso/pants plus a weapon skin for the default class weapon


I found this kind of annoying while playing. I had no idea that your class’s weapon “loadout” didn’t sync between factions and didn’t understand why every so often my weapon loadout would switch back to a previous version. I just know i’m going to forget this again and get “upset” while playing