Battlefield V



30 weapons to start off with and possible more to come as tides of war is updated.


I’m definitely running the Cricket Bat as my melee weapon


Oi, they better put in an M1 Garand or i’m walking.


At this point i think it’s to be expected. As far as i know the recent artwork/concept art released by Dice shows a soldier with a weapon that looks like the M1 Garand. So many people have asked for it that it would kind of be bad if they didn’t at least have the gun in the final version


Tides of war will probably have it when they add the US to the game. Right now it’s Germany and Europe.

e: Interestingly enough, the M1 Garand was not in the Launch of BF1942, it only came in much later with a update.


DICE did a dev talk on Friday evening, here’s a list of the points they went over.

  • Soldier visibility has been tweaked slightly - Now features a distance haze which is a lot less obtrusive visually.

  • Higher Rate of Fire weapons would give double damage (in the beta, which caused frustrating deaths), been tweaked to give more consistent damage.

  • Input lag also being looked at to give better feedback.

  • Aim assist being developed for consoles, snap on aim is possibly being removed for a magnetic aim - aim slows down when near enemies while you ADS.

  • Starter weapons might come with a specialization to stop more experienced players gaining an advantage on newer players.

  • Player profile and progression UI has been tweaked and looks a lot better (in my opinion)

  • Using weapons more, will give you more skins.

  • Emphasis on making weapons and classes feel distinct from each other.

  • Mastering weapons will help you perform better - weapons “look and feel” more responsive.

  • Looked at previous BF titles to understand what players like/dislike.

  • Weapon spread is linked to the guns sight - ADS will be different from hip fire.

  • More Predictable recoil.

  • Single shots have a greater distance.

  • Working on the TTK - on all automatic rifles damage changed from 27 to 25.

  • StG44, Happy and unhappy with it’s performance, too OP at short ranges but tweaking damage.

  • Changed the weapon sights tint and increased the cross hair colour.

  • Bi-pods fixed and LMG’s recoil has been tweaked.

  • MG 42 shown, barrel is changeable when it over heats. Has some really crazy hip fire recoil. Able to shoot down and through sand bag walls. Fires 1000rpm, upgrades to 1200rpm.

  • MP44 shown, better range than the Suomi

  • Krag-Jørgensen shown, similar to the kar98.

  • sturmgewehr 15 coming with launch - Faster than the StG, harder to control, better for short range.

  • Looking at new weapons for tides of war, want to expand on current weapons and add in more.

  • Lots of content to come with tides of war.


All the weapons coming with lunch, courtesy of /u//BFzoneFB on Reddit.

According to Rumors, BFV’s premium currency, which will be used of purchase cosmetics is called “Battle Coins”. It has been confirmed that the premium currency is not called “Battle Coins” as stated by Erik Ortman, the lead engagement designer.

DICE has also released a blog post about gun play, giving fuhrer details of their dev talk from last Friday.


Whether you’re new to Battlefield , a veteran since Battlefield 1942 , or somewhere in between, you may find some of these general Battlefield V gunplay tips useful.

  • Weapons in Battlefield V are very intuitive. You can feel when your weapon becomes inaccurate, and you should pause firing for a bit when this happens.
  • If you can see an enemy, you most likely can hit him. However, the question is whether you can hit him often and quickly enough to get a kill.
  • Familiarize yourself with the weapons of Battlefield V – we’ve recently published an article with the full list of guns, gadgets, and vehicles.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on the British or German side, you can still use and deploy with the weapons associated with the opposing faction.
  • Veterans will see that Battlefield V ’s gunplay is reminiscent of Battlefield 3 . However, prepare for more recoil and better balance this time around.

These seem like welcome changes, the lack of 3D spotting now means that players need to choose their engagements more. 3D spotting somewhat kills the fun too as you are chasing little blue/green/red chips across the screen.

Players who have played Insurgency, Rising Storm of Red Orchestra will feel right at home with the lack of 3D spotting. While it will be frustrating at first, you’ll come to realise that your opponents will suffer as much as you do if you are smart about cover and when to engage.


Some info has been released, regarding customization.


New footage will be revealed later today or early tomorrow on a “Epic” company. Will post it when it’s out.

That didn’t take long! Some Axis/German company customization


A ton of new has info coming out more often now that the release is just about a month away.

Weapon specializations are either for close quarters combat or distance engagements. You can mix and match between the two in the final game, as opposed to being limited in the beta. Tanks and other modes of transport have offensive or defensive upgrades and can also be mixed up.

Due to the nature of the beta, unlocks where very limited. Unlocks now follow a similar path to that of BF3/4 where, every time you gain an additional rank, you receive new weapons and/or gadgets. Some are bundled as pairs. As seen below:

Melee weapons offer different advantages and disadvantages. For example; an axe is more suited for hacking down wooden reinforcements and barbed wire than a knife but will be slower at killing players.

There was also blog posts on weapon/vehicle skill tree’s. This was clarified more in the AMA that happened on Reddit yesterday.
Currently set for launch::

  • Most importantly, everything that was generally disliked in the beta has been fixed and or improved.
  • Bullets have different penetration properties based on caliber.
  • Tank shell won’t explode on impact, they will penetrate surfaces then explode.
  • Golden Skins have been hinted (personally I don’t care much for this but it’s a little nod to COD in some form)
  • Weapon specializations have been over hauled, once you reach level 4(?) you unlock everything, so you can create a new path or different unlock path on the same weapon.
  • Being in soft cover means you’ll take slightly reduced damage depending on the weapon caliber.
  • Panzerfaust/schrek will have more direct damage, where as the PIAT will have splash damage. (Really low trajectory arc on the PIAT too)
  • MG’s on tanks will have somewhat of a tiny splash damage mechanic since they fired a little slowly and did not do much damage over distance.

Possibility of post launch:

  • Renaming weapon load outs.
  • Customization in a match
  • Ducking while on a HMG
  • More weapons customization
  • Constant balance updates depending on how popular weapons become.
  • Silenced weapons
  • Leaning

Next week will feature the Battlefield war stories trailer, game play footage and additional blog posts.


Quick question, will there be a beta to test out the Battle Royale mode? Or is the game not shipping with that mode to start off?


To my knowledge the BR mode (Firestorm) won’t be available on release of the game and will be coming later. Also the mode is going to be primarily squads with no solo or duo modes.


The “squads only” might change though. I can only guess there will be solo/quad ques. Otherwise, a lot of things changed since the Beta because of player feedback, which is always good and this might come along into Firestorm. As for it’s launch, I am guessing Firestorm will launch in early 2019 along with the first Tides of war update in January since DICE is doing the core BF experience and Criterion Firestorm.


The hope is that solo/duo will make it to firestorm. I honestly don’t see their BR lasting otherwise


I doubt it really matters anyway since the real attraction of BF has always been Conquest.



There has been a lot of information coming out in the past week and couple of hours.

Some map info has been released

The pink is the playable area, where the green is the flight zone on pink is the flight area the while lines making up sections are for infantry. Hamada:

If you sign up for the newsletter, you will receive a in-game emblem:

There was also information released on customization which is initially going to be using Company Coins only. (CC) which are earned via playing the game and completing challenges. The premium currency, Battle Coins (BC?) will come at a later date.

CC’s will be used to unlock specializations on weapons and vehicles. It will also allow you to unlock cosmetic items for the before mentioned as well as for your comapny and soldiers.

BC’s, at this point in time seems to only be used for “specific” cosmetic items, according to DICE in their latest blog post. This leads me to believe it will only be available to specific cosmetic sets.My assumption is that it will be used for premium skins or the sort.

The practice range will make a comeback and you can bring your friends along, as confirmed by David Sirland.

Tides of war will come with a Chapter Rank which upon completion will reward you with weapons and skins. Worry not if you don’t like to achievement hunt or miss your opportunity, the rewards will be available after the chapter ends.


I really need to make a plan an upgrade my PC one of these days. Having to buy some much new hardware makes my wallet hurt


Same, i am waiting for the week after black friday, when the electronic stuff are usually on special


I really don’t care if I have to run at at all low. As long as I get 60fps at 1080p I am happy.


Good point. I’ll have to look out for that. Upgrading now is just going suck for me because I’ll have to buy new MB, RAM and CPU