Battlefield V



Ah yeah that sucks, i have to upgrade cpu, ram and gpu


I got a Ryen 3 1200 and struggled slightly in the beta but according to DICE they have made some improvements to performance. Hoping for the best.

You could look at some second hand options sometimes you can get some decent CPU’s for cheap.


I already have a wish list setup for both AMD and Intel builds. I just depends on how much money i have saved up by the time i decide to upgrade.

At the moment I’m leaning towards AMD because of the price/performance. I also want to upgrade to a 1080 or 1080 TI next year, if i can.


What if something new comes out?


In the next 2 months?

edit: which is my plan btw :smile:


Pre-load is up for Origin Access Premium and Origin Access Basic users. 44Gb’s.


Battlefield V is live, for Origin Access Subscribers.

Servers may or may not all be onlime due to how the staggered release if taking place. Local servers could also only come online on the 20th much like the beta servers came online after early beta access.


So what’s the verdict, early access players?


GamesRadar+ gives it a 3.5/5 at launch based on the middling SP Stories and the promise of future content that will only be available in a few months time.


The 3.5 I can somewhat understand. I never really played the SP campaigns in BF titles, so that never bothered me. I also found it a little funny when they made a little comparison to COD 4. While both games are Multiplayer First Person Shooters, that’s where they draw the line in comparison to each other. Both games have problems.

As for the lack of premium, launch content and the current road map. It will always be debatable. The way I saw it was that Premium would divide the game into two, then eventually the base game would slowly get back it’s base game population. I can’t speak for the BF community anywhere else, but that’s how it was in SA.

I am happy with the direction DICE took with the road map and constant updates. People are very quick to call it incomplete and say it’s a money grab. However, 3 years ago Rainbow Six Siege came out, it was as popular as it is today. It took Ubisoft a long time and many many patches, maps and plethora of new content to bring it up to what it is today. Sadly, they seemed to have been doing the opposite direction as of late

Anyway! My opinions on the game!

Multiplayer is amazing, it feels like I am playing BF3 for the first time again. It’s Fresh and exciting and feels like I am in WWII Europe.

Planes feel snappy ( I suck at flying, so that’s good I guess) and Tanks have a nice punch to them. Movement feels great and gun play is also really really good.

Attrition and fortification system keeps it interesting, there is no more grenade spamming and bush wookie hill camping. Even tanks and planes need to re-arm in order to say in the fight. You can never fire your weapon in a round and still make a difference by supplying ammo, healing team mates and fixing tanks/transports.

Sounds in the game are so well done, I have not tried the war tapes option yet but Stereo/Headphones sounds amazing on my Samson SR850’s.

The progression system can be a bit confusing initially. You Get Class ranks and Weapon/Vehicle ranks class ranks unlock more weapons, gadgets and melee weapons.

Weapon/Vehicle Ranks unlock skills/abilities which give you better control of your weapon and Vehicles. Weapons feel like they have some punch to them. The Medium Machine guns need you to deploy them in order to aim down the sights, otherwise you going to be playing like John Rambo.

Customization looks good, I didn’t play around with it too much but there are sets you can by with Company Coins and others you can unlock from doing specific challenges. Skins for guns are unlocked as you level said gun up. There might be some that can be purchased too.

I got to play some Grand Operations maps and, it plays out very well with the maps being broken into sections/days. Games are pretty close, I have had a few games end with scores like 0 - 3 and 10 - 0. Conquest is as great as always and I dabbled in some Infantry only which was basically TDM. All very fun to play.

Dying now vs. The beta is so much better. You can give up a lot quicker or choose to hold on. While holding on it will show any Medics who are close by with a distance marker.

On the topic of dying, I found the time to kill very good. I also found myself putting down suppressing fire a lot more and actually getting some kills as a unsuspecting victim ran into my cone of fire.

The lack of spotting is such a welcome addition too. You can now flank so easily and take out that annoying camper without alerting the entire map. Suppression now spots enemies which works well too.

While the map pool does seem shallow for such a massive game, all of them are really stunning. I have played all of them sans, Devastation and I can’t quite pick a favorite yet.

Visually, it is amazing. I have a RX570 4GB and can hit 60fps on Ultra** but I am running it on Med/High. I never got to play Battlefront 2 or Battlefield 1 so I can’t make a direct comparison but every map is richly detailed and looks so alive with colour and character. BF3/4 always had this grey/brown/bkue palette to it, which understandably was there for a reason. While in BF5 does have specific colour palettes, they shift dramatically with every map.

**Performance wise it will make your Quad core CPU cry. My little Ryzen 3 1200 hits 100% usage on all four cores. SMT, high clock speeds or multiple cores is a must. I get about 40-70 fps average depending on the map size. Although I have noticed users on Reddit claiming different things with regards to performance. 9700K’s with 2080’s are struggling to maintain stable a stable FPS beyond 100 fps, while others are getting decent performance with RX 580/GTX1060’s and Ryzen 5/7’s.

My Biggest problems:

  • The UI is a little strange in the sense that it feels like a UI designed for a tablet. Lots of blocks and clicking many times to do things. Easily fixed and nothing critical just felt a bit out of place on PC.

  • There is no switching to new unlocked weapons during a round. You can do it while a round is about to start. There generally is a 30 second timer before games start. I believe they will fix this eventually.

  • Sound would bug out sometimes. I noticed a tank was not making any engine noise. Also Some turrets cross hairs would disappear when zooming in, and revive animations would go crazy.

  • Running and Jumping sometimes bugs out on walls, I am not too sure if it’s failing a height check, or you have to be very close to a wall to get over it.

Otherwise the couple of hours I have played so far are a solid 9/10 for me. Can’t wait for the 20th.


Long… long read :smile: but i agree with what was said.


I played the beta a little bit and quite enjoyed it. I also really enjoyed BF1.

I will probably pick it up sometime next year on a special. Just too much to play right now


@Glordit When you played, did you happen to find SA servers pretty easily? I don’t know if my filters where all wrong but i only found like 3 SA servers of which 2 where always broken. The only one that worked for me always had a 10 person queue.


I found one or two servers when playing last week, all functional. I know there was a problem with servers on Saturday/Sunday but that has since been fixed.

The EA Access release was not really an official/retail release, so my guess is there will be a lot of servers on the 15 or maybe the 20th onward. I do know DICE is releasing a day one patch with the launch of the Deluxe edition, but my money is on the 20th with the retail release.


A patch was released on PC which enables Ray Tracing Support and fixes the DX12 issues.

Currently it seems like DX12 now gives better performance depending on your GPU. Additionally, Ray Tracing will cripple a RTX 2080ti at 1440p bringing BFV down to ~60 fps. 2070’s seem to be hovering at 40 to 60fps. Perhaps updated drivers will help as well as more patches from DICE.

I tried looking at some footage of it but BF is so faced paced that it’s hardly noticeable.


Have you tried RTX in Battlefield yet @Solitude?


Seems after the driver/game update my performance has gone down. Where i used to get 50 - 60 on med/high settings i now dip as low as 35… argh


I’m dipping into 24 fps randomly at times on all low, DX11, future frame rendering on and everything off. DX12 would work better but thern would crash randomly saying; not enough video memory. It’s definitely my CPU which is causing the problem.

Interestingly, I get much higher fps on Aerodrome and the smaller maps. Twisted Steel and Hamada would murder my FPS. I am considering a new CPU but I am reading up on Reddit of people with Ryzen 5 2600’s and GTX1080’s who can only get around 60 - 90 fps. Where others have some pretty great performance with the same system.

I found that locking my fps to around ~40 helps alleviate the experience when the frame rate drops.


Nope not yet!

When I first heard the news I was very keen to get the game immediately. But I’m not really one for multiplayer games so I think I’ll wait for Shadow of the Tomb Raider to implement it.

You hear that @Hiro?



Apparently updating Windows to 1809 should fix the stuttering problems. I can’t test it sadly because my 10 hour trial is over but I’ll let you know ASAP on the 20th.

More info here:

e: You might have to force the update. I was stuck on 1803.