Battlefield V



I’d rather not bother with windows updates atm, seeing as MS hasn’t had a very good track record with the last few updates. I’ll wait and see what the general consensus is before I update to 1809.

I’ve managed to get my frame rate up and the game feels slightly smoother. There are a few more things I’ll mess around with tonight and see if i can get the performance even better.

But yea, if you do the update let me know how it performs :+1:


Something else to try to get a little bit of a boost, is disabling Origin in game.

Right click on BFV, Game properties and un-check “Enable Origin in game” I remember with previous titles it would cause problems.



I have a Ryzen 3 1200, RX 470 4GB and 16GB DDR4-2400 running at 2667 now my CPU does not meet the minimum requirements but I am actually impressed by the performance I am getting.

So before BFV launched officially on the 20th for me, I went around looking for solutions to my performance problems I was a having when playing my 10 hour trial. This was pre and post the 15th of November update.

Right now, am now getting 60+ fps stable 95% of the time on all maps. Rotterdam for some reason lags a little at the start of a round. Not too sure if it’s a video memory problem or something similar but it sorts itself out after a couple of minutes.

So what did I do?

  • Updated Windows 10 to 1809
  • Updated to the latest AMD display drivers. 18.11.2 (I used Radeon Settings to remove the older version and do a fresh install)
  • Overclocked my RAM from 2400 to 2667 (I think this had the biggest impact due to Ryzen loving fast RAM I am going to try for 2800)
  • Disabled Origin In Game (this might have also helped)
  • Checking if windows was not limiting my performance/parking cores.
  • I set custom fan curves in the BIOS for my CPU and using MSI Afterburner for my GPU.
  • Disabled DirectX 12 and sticking to DirectX 11(I get a black screen when I try using DX12 now).
  • Set everything to low, switched everything of including future frame rendering, although I could probably get away with Med/High I like the somewhat tiny advantage.

Below are my performance settings. I honestly care more about game play than graphics. 60fps is what I waned and I got it.

Otherwise the game is pretty fun, the only bug I have experienced is getting a green blur on my screen when I am dying and look at a team mates silhouette that is close to me. Also bi-pods are a little funky, that is apparently going to be fixed early December.


What is the server situation like now that its fully released?


If I searched for servers in the browser I found one or two local ones. When I used the quick search function I found a conquest server in 10 seconds this evening.

I think it works on the amount of people looking for games and it then creates servers as players search. I believe Battlefield 1 uses this method too.

I got to play Devastation which is 16v16 infantry battles with 3 flags to cap on smaller maps, as well as 64 player Conquest. I didn’t check to see if Front lines, Airborne or any of the other modes where available. I managed to get into a Tides of War match but I started on the 3rd day.

As for the popularity of Battlefield 5’s new game mode, think Tides of war will become more popular when it’s officially started in early December. Simply because of the rewards you will be offered to part take in it.


I got a key for the game today. Looking forward to trying it out. Especially since I’ve never played a Battlefield game before. Um I’m also not the kind of person to play multiplayer games but keen to see how it performs.


I last played Battlefield 1 and the campaign was some of the best story gaming I’ve experienced. I did the multiplayer for a bit also but didn’t really get into it.

So I would get battlefield again just for more campaign.


I found the multiplayer for BF1 was best when playing with friends in a squad. Solo was a bit more meh.


Multiplayer is definitely more fun with friends but playing solo can also be pretty intense and satisfying at times. Very few randoms tend to talk so it can be hard at times especially if your squad cares about their K/D or their to “scared” to push a point.

In my opinion the gun play is much better compared to BF1 and of course there are some weapons that require a little adjustment but i’m sure those will be updated in a balance patch along with some fixes to a few bugs.


I couldn’t resist the urge and treated myself.

I had a great time playing this on Saturday. The more modern guns and better gunplay makes the game feel much better than BF1.

It does feel like theres a lot missing from the game though. Hopefully that will come in time.


I’m not listening …


I played some of the single player campaigns and I’m loving that! It’s definitely the most beautiful game I’ve ever played.

I’ll try the multplayer after finishing the campaigns.


It’s just so expensive still. R999!


That’s what you get for playing Battlefield on a console :yum:


haha :smiley:

10 10 10


Not that much better on PC sadly


Got it this weekend on CDkeys for R673


I got it from there too


Why do I always forget about them? I’ve bought a few game keys from there before, without any issue. But whenever I’m thinking about picking up a new PC game and hesitating over the price, someone says “have you checked on CDKeys?” and I haven’t. It’s a weird mental block.


Guess I’ll be seeing you folks on the battlefield