Battlefield V



I finished all the available single player stories. I wish there were more! I see at least one more is coming.

Will try out the multiplayer for the first time tonight.

I’m SolitudeSA (I think) for those who haven’t got me on Origin.


Some weapon balance changes coming in the December 4th patch… kind of


There’s a bunch of other stuff coming too! I think they said on Reddit that bombers would be nerfed/fixed. Tuesday can’t come fast enough!

Interesting to see how the KE-7 performs after the update. When I saw the KE-7’s barrel come around a corner I gave up.


I also read about the bombers getting nerfed and that can’t come soon enough. I haven’t tried any of the planes in BF5 because i just suck at flying.

I haven’t played support at all so cannot comment on the their weapons but i do know that the Ke7 is a bit OP and needs some attention. It’s the starter weapon for the class and it just deletes people.


Most noticeable problem is the crazy accuracy while standing and hip firing when you choose the right skills. When it has been bi-podded it’s out-classed by the MG32 and then the 42. I think it’s also due to the TTK/TTD problem where sometimes damage is given in one frame/tick as opposed to over a larger amount of time.


I’ve only played assult class so far.

I need some stuff around time in game to play with supports building skills. Also to level it up for ammo crates.


It’s on special on PS4 for R700


Yeah, apparently the price has dropped by 50% in the UK and US due to poor sales.


I think it’s more of bad physical sales because PC and XBOX could play the game a little earlier if you pre-ordered.

Edit: Forgot to say, Pre-ordered on EA Origin and EA Access Premium


I find it amazing how difficult it is for me to get into a sever that’s not conquest. Almost seems like everyone loves playing conquest and no one wants to play breakthrough, frontlines or grand operations…

Matchmaking also seems to put me into empty servers that never fills up :frowning_face:


I can sometimes find a breakthrough server but after a couple of rounds it empties out and everyone moves to conquest.

Otherwise I have given up trying to find anything that’s not conquest and play on EU/UK servers.


Had a pesky pilot in one of my games that didn’t wan’t to go away


Good timing



“…we don’t anticipate a long delay…”


It really sucks but I’d rather have them delay it then have BF4 all over again when the server would crash when certain levelution events would occur.


The new map looks like it could be a nightmare for infantry. I can already see myself getting sniped or blown up by a tank


Reminds me of Heavy Metal from Battlefield Bad Company 2. Snipers will definitely be popular on the map, not that they are not popular already, I was playing Fjell 652 and counted 12+ snipers on the defending team in Breakthrough.


Hopefully they’ll be able to adjust the map to be viable for both vehicle and infantry gameplay, however, i doubt it. I think it’ll mostly be vehicle dominant and because of that I’ll probably just skip playing on the map.