Battlefield V



10.41GB patch… Guess i won’t be playing BF tonight :rofl:


So I tried RTX now again with the new patch. It averages at 40fps on my ultrawide and it looks great but you miss the smoothness of higher fps. This is on RTX set to medium. Will have to try low. My CPU is running at 100% so it’s definitely a bottleneck at the moment.

I did the first part of the new story mission but the game froze now in the second part.



I have bought Battlefield 5 for 39 EUR from
Is it a good deal ? :smiley: I haven’t found any cheaper website… Maybe can you recommend me some online shops for buying future games?

P.s Battlefield 5 is an amazing game !


You can always give CDKeys a try -

I’ve bought from them before and haven’t had any issues.


That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it at - cheaper than mine from CDKeys. That said, I’ve never heard of Eneba before - am assuming it’s a key reseller type site like CDKeys? I guess, like that site, there always remains a chance that the key you get is stolen, gets blocked, etc. But if it works for you, why not.


Rumor has it that you can get BF5 for 50% off if you own BF4 or BF1. Apparently if you open up BF1/BF4 you’ll be greeted by a windows asking if you’d like to buy BF5 and get 50% off your purchase.

I really don’t know if this is true at all and i can’t really test it because i already own BF5 but hopefully its just a rumor.


I’ll have a look at what my origin account says later on today. I don’t have them installed though, so I’ll just check to see if there is any message when I click on them.


Bloody hell, Its R950!


Everything is working perfectly :slight_smile:


Tide of war is quite nice but it can be done really quickly. Once you complete each week’s tasks you receive a weapon. Also while leveling up your Chapter Rank you can unlock skins for tanks, planes and weapons as well as challenges.


The first challenge doesn’t seem all to great in my opinion. The weapon you unlock seems a bit under powered from what I’ve seen and i just might skip this week’s challenge.


The MG34, 42 and Bren are way better than the Vickers after playing with it for a bit. It’s not bad but it has a limited ammo supply (without the upgrade) and it overheats pretty quickly with it’s lower rate of fire.


My experience with the new maps hasn’t gone that well. Spawned, ran for about a minute or two without seeing anyone, got to E - flag and then instantly died from a tank shell to the face. I left after that and haven’t gone back lol


A tank shell to the face will do that. :joy:


Finally! Now I don’t have to worry about flanking some one and having 10 enemies show up instantly to shoot me, or wait for me around corners.


That is good news however if they any decent testers this would of never made it to the final release. There are so many little bugs and glitches but then again it won’t be a BF game if it didn’t have these things in it.


Let me check that out and I’ll get back to you guys. I own BF4, but not BF1. Will just have to update BF4 first :slight_smile:


Oky. If it was like that, it is not anymore. I updated BF4 and launched it, but there was nothing about a discount. Oh well.


Seems there’s a new special discount