Beating Off 2.0


Good day all

Spent the morning cleaning the house, now for food shopping and then gaming!

Puppy is arriving friday sometime

And its all good since I only go back to work on the 9/10th


Morning all wish we where still off


peeks and greets


Read you all in the morning :v:


Just a little self-indulgent Dad Brag:



Morning all


Nice. No Afrikaans as additional language? It used to be quite prevelant…


I told my oldest kid to drop Afrikaans and do Zulu instead. Now she is doing very well with it. The reasoning is simple: she has to socialise with her peers of which 99% speak zulu. It makes no sense for her to learn a language that only her old man speaks.

I believe a lot of parents think the same way.


It used to be the only ‘option’ in my school.


It was her choice to do Zulu instead of Afrikaans, but as @Shrike suggests, it wasn’t one we disagreed with. As it turned out, it’s the subject she struggled the most with throughout High School and that she got her lowest final mark for.


I guess it depends on where you live. In Pretoria / Centurion there are quite a lot of Afrikaans locals. Even an English friend of mine who grew up mostly in the Midlands area was disappointed that he never focused much on Afrikaans when he ended up staying and doing businss here for 7 years. Even moving down to Cape Town he says Afrikaans would’ve helped him quite a lot with the coloured population down there…

But I’d agree that KZN isn’t very “Afrikaans”.


Morning everyone. And congrats @GregRedd that is definitely something to brag about.


Morning everyone. First day back at work and it’s going to be tough.


I only have to be back on Monday and I’m already dreading it



Congratulations!!! He is a cutie!!

For those that didn’t know his little boy arrived safe and sound yesterday. Mommy and daddy and big sis we are so happy for you guys!!!

Also enjoying my last few days of peace, going home tomorrow and getting the pup, so chaos soon!!!


Grats @Flex. Awesome news


@Flex and the family!! Much health and happiness to you all.


Congrats @Flex! Baba seuntjies is awesome!


RIP Superdave



His “stunts” were awesome