Beating Off 2.0


I honestly think I have an addiction. I’m dead set on playing anything OTHER than Destiny 2, so I’m explicitly not touching my laptop to play it and firing up the PS4 for some gaming relief. So what do I do? I end up playing Destiny 1! Even trying to play anything else on PS4 ends up with me quickly quitting and going back to Destiny…

I know it sounds funny, but I’m really concerned that it’s becoming an addiction.


Warframe dude, it’s really good and free


I know, but Destiny just sucks me in! There are so many good games I own and want to play (Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassins Creed Origins, The Division, Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition, Pillars of Eternity, Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, among the absolute TONS of others), but I can’t get myself to fire up those games.

Tonight I got to the Battlefield 1 menu, felt anxious, quickly quit the game and fired Destiny 1 back up and ended up doing a Taken King story mission and a solo Strike. This anxiety is what’s concerning me - the fact that I feel FOMO for not playing Destiny (1 or 2) anytime I can. Even when I’m not gaming I’m reading subreddits about Destiny…


See you all in the morning :wave:


Morning all


Morning everyone.


morning all


Hm… there’s a word for that


Yes, “addiction”. I need to find a Destiny rehab…



After morning everyone! Long weekend here, some relief after the busy festive season.
Still not much time for gaming though, will try to get an hour or two tomorrow.


Sigh… Another month of Humble Monthly that I have to pause due to already owning the early unlocks. Third month in a row now!


See everyone in the morning :+1:


Morning all



greetings humans, organisms and entities


I highly recommend @PsychoFish’s advice to join me in Warframe to beat your addiction.

It’ll be like getting off heroin by taking LSD!


Which reminds me that I need to play more Warframe…


What phones should we look at when upgrading from a LG g5?


I gave it a good try, but it didn’t click with me. I guess I’ll drown in Destiny sorrow until the end of days…