Beating Off 2.0


I will happily join for Warframe. I always return to it as well.


LG G7 :wink:

Or just get a Pixel 3


I doubt we’ll be able to get Pixels in ZA. Even less on contract…


Sadly, yes


See you in the morning. Night all


Morning all


Urgh… back to work tomorrow.


AGDQ 2019 is on this week for anyone interested


Evening people

Hope you all had a good weekend and ready to roll tomorrow!


Nice, I enjoy checking out some of the speed runs!


Read you all in the morning :v:


Morning peoples! Back to work for me today. The horror!


At least now you have a reason to look forward to weekends again :wink:


Morning everyone. And back to work for me too. Feels so weird going back to work after a long time off.


I too have returned to work today


Feels so weird knowing I’m going to have some time off after a long period of work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though, the festive season is actually very productive to get work done. Little to no interruptions or extra deadlines pushed down your throat.


greetings !!!


Morning all


Good morning all. Exciting week for our family as we will be moving into our new house!


Oh congrats! Are you moving to a new area as well, or close to your current home?