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BBC News: How the UK became a major player in the gaming world.


Interesting to note how many high profile AAA’s were developed primarily on UK soil. One always assumes the US and certain Euro countries as being the leaders in game development…


Some of my favourite titles came from UK based studios (and this can possibly even be a completely separate thread)

Codemasters is around the corner as is Boss Alien (they make CSR Racing for android/ios), then there is this little title called Tomb Raider, which leads me to Square Enix Europe (aka Eidos Interactive aka SCi) which holds the IP for Deus Ex, Tomb Raider and Just Cause

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I thought Eidos Montreal was the development team for Deus Ex? Or is the Eidos HQ based there in the UK?


I’m positive it was the Montreal team for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


Eidos Montreal is the developer, Square Enix Europe is the publisher and owns the IP

In 2009 Square Enix completed the merger of its existing European branch with Eidos Interactive, renaming the resulting company Square Enix Europe.


Ah see now that makes sense.


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Puppy is settling in, we had our first decent night sleep last night


Mika vs the puppy?


Hahaha Mika and the puppy are actually starting to settle as well, they have started playing together slowly. He needs to learn she is a baby and not as strong as him


This could be the consequence of the socialisation rules of the pack. In a normal setting the puppy would only interact with older male dogs outside of the influence of its mother at a much later age.

In your situation the rules of canine socialisation dictates that the older dog should start showing the younger dog exactly what those rules are. Your older male dog will definitely have issues with teaching using “age appropriate” methods.

You will need to make sure that happens and play the role of the “mother” in this case and minimise that
potential hurtful interaction.


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