Beating Off 2.0


What a crappy day. And what a way to start the work year.


Yea we have only had issues when it comes to food so far. The biggest problem we have is that Mika didn’t have a proper dog to teach him manners, so he has very good manners but is a bit useless with some things. But today they started playing in the backyard, it was amazing to watch. At least he has only snapped at her a few times, but she is already bloody smart, she yelps like its the end of the world and he runs away lol. But when we leave them be and just sneakily watch them, they tend to lick each other and be very cute. It has now been 4 days and they are definately bonding. The older female is more standoffish but then again she is 12 and has arthritis. But ironically when Becky yelps or barks or moans she is first there to make sure the pup is ok. As long as Becky doesnt irritate her and I have to say she just runs up to Vicky and gives her a lick then bounces away. So she has already figured out who is in charge, and she is really not a pup that needs to be in charge. So she is settling into the food chain well. She just needs to learn to wait for food and for her turn when we feed them (we have a rule, oldest first, youngest last)

Oh haaaaaaaaaaaai

huge hugs dude

Come get some puppy cuddles!

Also UNISA can burn down now and give me a refund.

The campuses nationwide is closed down due to protest action - the Parow branch was nice an quiet but all staff had been ordered to leave.


Protest action because students have been refused admission, so SRC is striking. Got to love this shit.

“Please disperse, failure to comply will result in further action”

Then pop off the teargas and ready the rubber bullets. Then jail everyone for inciting a riot and disturbing the peace. Rinse and repeat.


Close to our current home. We were staying with the in-laws for the last 3 years to share living costs etc. but now we’ve been able to get a place of our own.


See you all in the morrow.


That’s great news. Enjoy the new dwelling.


Good morning


Morning everyone.


Morning all




Something to think about: be careful of falling into the trap of mental complacency. Always try to think. Practice formulating your opinions about life and everything. Do that by discussing your opinions with people that do not agree with you.

Growth, mental and otherwise, is life.


Sounding like one of the dudes I follow on twitter.


Hi hi everyone


Hey, back at work also?


Yesterday yeah, but have today off thankfully


so little sleep thanks to the pup. she was feeling icky last night - what was wrong I have no idea, just never stopped crying
I am exhausted

Still need to call Cool Ideas since we want to use them for the fiber that is hopefully coming this week


whoot for food poisoning :sick:


that sucks so bad :neutral_face:


shame man what did you eat?


some pork stir fry and one piece tasted off. and today paying for that.