Beating Off 2.0


Ello’s peoples … man the sea is beeeyoootiful today (in case anyone needed to know, lol)


oh flip man that sucks, hope you feel better soon!


Can i slap you through a computer screen :expressionless:


:smile: Not my fault the beach is a block away and I go walking twice a day :stuck_out_tongue:




One of my screens is suffering from image persistence :frowning: I hope it goes away soon.


Meh between being over tired, not being able to eat, I am cranky and tired I just hope I can sleep tonight since back at the office tomorrow.

Also the next person to irritate me or piss me off is getting kakked out


Read you all in the morning :+1:


Morning all. Have a good one :ok_hand:


Morning peoples!

This first work week is proving to be a tough one. I’m hoping to be more active from tomorrow.

How are you all doing?


Morning everyone. Good luck with the first week @Solitude. Hope it gets better


So… what have I missed?


Good morning everyone

Back at the office, already bored with no work to do.

Worrying about the pup home alone with the other dogs, especially since Mika has been acting out. Weirdly when he thinks no one is watching he plays nicely with her and give her kisses, washes her ears. When we watch he puts on a tough act.


Greetings ! ! ! !


Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dochie!

Also @MalicE haaaaaaaaai :stuck_out_tongue:


jy is hopeloos te chipper vir 'n “Maandag”


Ek het gisteraand my eerste aand met actual slaap gekry :stuck_out_tongue: Is al hoekom ek so happy is

oh en fiber is oppad ! hopelik teen die einde van die week


NICE! Dan kan jy proper Destiny speel


Dis wat ek hoop! Ek wag nou net vir die confirmation emails van Cool Ideas en die installer af.

Ma jy speel dan skaars Destiny lately :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone here work with software like Power Bi or Tableau Online? The boss is looking for something similar to this type of solution but he doesn’t want to pay an arm or a leg.