Beating Off 2.0


ja ja die laaste week van holiday het bietjie besig geraak. En toe sink ek in 'n TBOI gat in, maar ek is nou klaar met daai so gaan nou weer Destiny tackle


Most BI software is expensive, what do you want to achieve?


Went to the gym before work, actually still awake surprisingly


I must also start going back to the gym. Will do so next week. Silly gyms.


I work till 7:30 so cant go evenings, so im trying mornings


Phew, you work late!


I can proudly say I lost 2kgs over the holidays. Garden work and good eating helped a lot.


8:30-19:30 :relaxed:


Wow very nice @Wyvern! I gained about 2kgs over the holidays. Crazy.


Ja Im really impressed and we didnt skimp on things like desert and so on, I just ate in moderation and was working at the part time job a lot that kept me active


Well done :relaxed: its a greater success seeing as most people put on :rofl:


Hahaha it helped that Xmas consisted of cold meats, fruit and salad


Also finally got some work to do, and now I cant be arsed I NEED a nap


/me peeks in


About damn time you come back.


Its aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalive

@DieGrootHammer how is your day going


Busy but okay. Slowly getting back into this work thing.


You better look after yourself more this year - or else I will steal monies and come kick your ass


Were you… Picking up… what @Wyvern was putting down… :smirk:


Haha it looks that way.