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Well he’s an accountant so I’m assuming he wants to generate financial/sales reports for clients to give them representation of how their companies are performing. I’ve looked at the trial version of Power Bi and the interactive graphs are nice but like i mentioned i highly doubt hes going to pay that kind of money.


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Zoho Analytics is probably the cheapest of the lot and has a free tier. Ultimately he’d have to decide exactly what he wants from Dashboards, Visualization of data (graphs, etc), Reporting (PNL, Income, expenditure, inventories), Predictive Analytics, Data Mining and ETL.

Some guys don’t even want most of the features; Additionally you need to consider interfaces with related systems, as in will it work with my finance system, hr system, payroll system, etc etc etc (also “do I care about this”)

SAP BusinessObjects for instance is great, as is IBM’s Cognos, Oracle BI, Qlik, Tableau, etc etc…

But pricing can range from $25/user/month to well over $215k per year

– Pick two

Refer to the Iron Triangle above when implementing new “stuff”; “Good and cheap” rarely make for a good combination.


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Agreed. Most businesses looking for “dashboards” are actually just looking for aggregations on operational data with graphs slapped on top. For those purposes, a custom built dashboard with the relevant indicators works out FAR cheaper. You can have a custom warehouse, ETL process and web (or mobile or both) application with fancy SVG graphs for cheaper than the licensing + implementation cost of these fancy BI packages.


Yeah, “requirements first”… Implementation is the last 20% of the work


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