Beating Off 2.0


Can anyone help? This has been stuck like this since yesterday morning - rebooting pc is not helping


Perhaps this…



Very tempting


Me right now


Have you tried going to your network settings and unselecting “metered connection”?


Mornin peoples …

here’s a question - is Alientaker still around?


No his ass was banned. Whole secret santa saga


sounds odd … damn, wanted to speak to him :confused:


Yeah, he didn’t send a present unfortunately.


wow, purposefully? Wouldn’t have said he was that kinda guy from the MyG days


I don’t know what happened, I wasn’t specifically involved. @Wyvern kept asking, eventually she had to buy a present so that the person could at least get a present.


I missed something


Yeah and then he kept lying and screwing us around so he got banned from MyGaming and here and all the places that we could ban him from. He still tries to enter our Superbru pools but then I kick him out there too.

And now once again we’ve got a person who didn’t send a gift and again it’s proving to be impossible to get the information out of.

People are real jerks.

People. Please stop being jerks.

I don’t like it.


Let me know if i can contribute towards a gift if it comes to that


shit, wonder what happened his side … only ever knew him as the friendly dude who’s wife had/has cancer and that sent me (valuable to me) stuff from time to time


greetings, soooooh busy today


I shall refrain from commenting about that ass


Oh no. Not again.


Hopefully it’ll still work out. I’m just frustrated because the person is very difficult to communicate with.


Melting here, where TF is winter when you need it …