Beating Off 2.0


Here it’s nice and rainy but still rather warm.


If you can send me 10 degrees I’ll take it…it’s 2 degrees here now


Gimme the 2 degrees

Its about 25 here today I want the 2


will take 2 degrees every day … will not be missing this balls weather


it looks like its going to rain !


Dude if we are lucky maybe tomorrow



What is this about an ss that did not get anything? Wound mind pitching in sone money at the end of the month for a present.


Thanks peoples. For now we are hoping that the SS did send a gift. We are just trying to get the waybill number.


Okay and I’m glad to say that we are making progress now.


i have to lock up again today :persevere:


That sucks dude, what time do you get to leave??


we finish at 5:15 but i’ll probably have everything locked up and armed just before 5:30


Could be worse, but Im guessing loads of traffic?

Also when is the wedding dude?


this year but were not planning anything might end up eloping at the court and using the money we save to go on honeymoon overseas


Yay someone talking sense! Apparently it is so worth it


i should have a shit ton of avios which should be enough for a ticket to mauritius and then i just have to pay for the other ticket.


Consider maybe Thailand or Zanzibar - I have heard it is cheaper and nicer


thailand = tsunami’s, prison’s and lots of ladyboy’s

otherwise i’ll consider the seychelles


Zanzibar, it’s filthy cheap


or maldives