Beating Off 2.0


And it is stunning! Its my wishlist


yes but there’s probably lots of pirates in that area


Dude maybe take something - the overthinking might be bad for you


im just thinking of boko haram lol


I’m sure there are a fair few pirates on this forum…:smirk:


Wrong side of the continent


Apparently his ex-wife. I remember reading him divorcing her at some point and having a new squeeze…


I was there last year. Amazing amazing! Loved it so much.


Have a good evening



Morning all


Almost weekend!


Morning people of the palace

Cant wait for the weekend - Gonna visit Pet World XXL at Cape Gate this weekend as well as going to get some chinese dumplings again



so so so glad its friday!


Jy is nie al een


Is anyone here covering or going to cover/summarise the CES event?


So we are 11 days into this year and the bosses have only spoken to each other for the first time today… and the reason for speaking was to kak the other two out cause they had the bookkeeper run month end without telling the one…
and of course im in the middle cause i should have known that the 2 would not tell the 1 and i didnt say anything…



huge hugs

Sulke goed maak my mal


ek so moeg om middel man te speel.


Ek kan goed glo, ek weet nie hoe jy cope nie


Not me. 1010