Beating Off 2.0


Not me either


quick summary of worthwhile info:

-Nvidia is starting to support freesync monitors.
-Nvidia announced the RTX2060 which I see is going for about R7700 at the moment (US price is $350) it performs about the same if not slightly faster than a GTX1070ti
-AMD announced the new Radeon 7 which so far looks to run the same as a RTX 2080 but cost $699 Min so if that’s the case its not really going to be a big competitor
-AMD should be releasing the new Ryzen 3rd Gen CPU in the second quarter , the engineering sample they had on stage outperformed the i9-9900K in Cinebench at a lower TDP.
-Intel says end of 2019 10nm CPU should be available.


oh for pete’s sake…
these ppl are driving me insane… i now have to copy certain directors in on e-mails on which they are already copied in through the general e-mail address that they are the only ones who have access to that address. :unamused: and this gets sent just to me. the other secretary is not copied in nor the other director


Goeie fok, dit klink soos hoërskool


flip ek glo a höerskool is meer volwasse


Jy het toesteming om hulle soos kinders te hanteer


it is officially raining



See you in the morning.


It’s morning. Have a good one


Hey that is cheating.


Morning everyone. First weekend after a work week and time to game like there’s no tomorrow.


Lucky bastard. Just found out my wife signed us up for a day of fun filled activities outside with other humans.


I’ve had family over every week evening and every day of every weekend the past 3 weeks. I’m broke and dead tired at this point. I can’t wait to crawl into a hole and disappear for days on end.


I feel you, the inlaws have been with us since Christmas. In just over 24 hours I’ll have time for myself again.


Went shopping this morning looking for doy toys the monsters can share. But it’s silly expensive. So gonna make some tugs out of old jeans


For some reason my dog loves playing with a cardboard box. He likes biting tiny holes into the cardboard… silly dog.


Kind of reminds me of that cartoon where the dad buys a massively complex construction kit for his kid. When the dad returns home later on he finds the kid having hours of fun in the cardboard box the kit came in, the kit discarded and forgotten.


See you all in the morning.

4 minutes to spare


Spent 4 weeks in Cape Town away from my PC.

Hello to you too, Pallie! :joy:


Morning all