Beating Off 2.0


Stage 3 loadshedding today


Morning all.

@Shrike oh no


Well the plus side of yesterdays load shedding is that I went to bed early and got a decent sleep.


Not only do we have loadshedding but our internet is out too… nice :+1:


Morning everyone. Nice and wet day today, been raining since about midnight.

Don’t know when our power will go off. It didn’t go off when I expected it to go off last night.


Morning people of the palace

I am already over this loadshedding bs and it has barely started.


Good morning everyone. Well, Joburg is nice and soaked.

Ironically with all the rain and load shedding, we had power at home but not water. :joy:


Send me the rain please?


Morning peoples. Had a busy morning. Last night I went to bed at 9pm because there was no power and I was lazy. This morning went to the gym then took our one doggy to the vet since she’s been struggling with tummy problems but she’s alright. And of course no power at work so no coffee. But our computers are linked to solar power so we can work.


0 loadshedding by me :grinning:


Wow you are lucky! I’ve been affected every day since it started. And before it started even!


I didnt know there was load shedding till i came on here :neutral_face:



How are you!


Ours didn’t work yesterday. :rofl:


Finally able to breath, have had a rather hectic few weeks :sweat_smile: how has everyone survived without me? :rofl:


We missed you :smiley:

Glad to see you and that you have survived


How goes it? Did i miss anything exciting?


Naw not much hey - just loadshedding issues :stuck_out_tongue:



so we still dont have our normal internet connection working at the office. but atleast we have access to our server and we are using our voip phones router to connect to the LTE network for now.


greetings !!

power is off and i have a generator making a noise in the background here