Beating Off 2.0



Hello, things going better at work yet? I saw your facebook post.


hey Soli!

its going ok, he is at client today… thing is we keep going in circles on things and i cant work like that. i mean i love procrastination as much as the next person, but you get to a point where you just want to get the crap out of the way… he does not seem to be there yet…


So this just happened

the boss just paid a guy R290 to plant a plant in a pot in our office… R200 was for the effort(the plant was bought by the boss) and R90 bucks was for the potting soil… is just me or is that crazy?


Hol weg

So vinnig soos jy kan


Your boss sounds like a good dude. Job creation in this economy is a good thing.


job creation is one thing but first try and sort out the current business’s financial issues…


I’m bored and want to go home so… cat!


Power just went off. Schedule says it will stay off until 20h30.
Joy :neutral_face:


I’m a little bit excited for this


I also noticed that Kensington had no power when I went for my run.


Glad to see that 2K isn’t publishing this one, not like the last game they made. I really believe that their ludicrous DLC practice with Evolved killed off the game.


Morning everyone


Morning people of the palace

Its almost weeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend


This is sickening and sad


Morning everyone. I think one of our UPS’s is fried.


I think H3H3 sums it up pretty well…



Except this is branded as a “terrorist attack” and not a mass shooting


It’s branded as such because it’s aimed at a specific demographic. If it were random people all caught in a crossfire (like a public school) it would just be a “mass shooting”. The fact that the shooter’s motivation was about instilling fear in his targeted demographic further nudges this towards terrorism.


Does it matter what it’s branded as?


yes it does because if it was a middle eastern person doing something like that its is never branded as a mass shooting always as a terror attack, that happens alot especially in the states.

white guy shoots up a club or school, its referred to as a mass shooting, person with middle eastern roots does the same thing its dubbed a terror attack