Beating Off 2.0



It really does, terrorism is “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” as opposed to the “randomly shooting at people”


the most insane thing about this guy is the fact that he believed he was going to get rid of the “intruders” from the white peoples land (ie. muslims) in NZ, when he himself is not a native New Zealander and in fact is also an intruder as white people settled on new zealand land


That old chestnut


eskom announces stage 2 loadshedding for the whole weekend !

Fun Times :roll_eyes:


ja we get loadshed at home plus somewhere someone is breaking switches causing us to have eve more no power times. we had 6 and half hours of loadshedding last night even though we were not scheduled for loadshedding and on sunday our power went off at 4pm and only came on tuesday morning


They are attempting to sabotage my slow cooking plans.

Devious swines.


I would have thought that without power your slow cooking would become really, really slow. Isn’t that the idea?


If its too slow then I am tortured by the smell of tasty food for longer than necessary.

I think there is a paragraph in the Geneva Convention prohibiting these sorts of things.


You get a loadshedding! And you get a loadshedding! Everybody gets a LOAD SHEDDDDDDINNNGG!


Morning all


Morning lovely cold day.


Morning everyone!
Went for a ‘quick’ 14km run this morning, now dropping off my kar for a service. Really impressed that they’re working on Saturdays.

Have a good weekend


Whoop, there it is!

4 hours for me today, during prime Saturday evening dinner and entertainment time. And quite probably the same again tomorrow. Thanks Obama Eskom.

Edit: No idea why that Tweet shows (to me at least) as posted at 2:03AM. Was done at 11:03AM. MEW server time setting?)


I have 2:03 AM as well.


It’s weekend?! Why is Eishkom under pressure? Did they put rocks in the coal again? Did all the staff go on an extended early lunch at the same time (again)?


Probably something to do with the Onebox settings. The server is set to something sensible like UTC, if memory serves.


Hello forum


Morning all


Morning, today we have loads of fog.


Just what I need. An accident on the N1 South through Midrand apparently causing a 1h 30m delay towards Sandton…