So, given that there will be a huge influx of new players once it hits PLUS, seems like a good time t dive back into the wonderfully macabre world of Bloodborne.

Anybody else playing or planning to play soon ?

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We need to get @DieGrootHammer to play it…

exactly! he needs to venture out of his comfort zone

I’ll see if I can join in on this, I haven’t played very far and can probably either start over, or just continue from where I am because it isn’t that far in.

nice! i was not really planning to restart, but after watching my kid playing BB, I am having an itch you play it again

Just finished the game about a week back. Busy doing the DLC and some chalice dungeons. I’ actually enjoying it much more that DS3.

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I’m giving this game a shot, it’s pretty tough. I’m quite chuffed with myself though, I just encountered the Cleric Beast and I beat it on my first try. I won’t mention how many times I’ve been killed by low level grunts though

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I can’t get out of the starting area for some reason :expressionless: kinda gave up on it

Impressive, I died several times to him.

I found BB to be a lot more difficult than the souls games, the bit I’ve played. I really need to get back to the game, however at the moment I’m doing anothe playthrough of DS3 so I can finish the DLC.

Started a new character last night, this will be play through 3. Will maybe go for a skill/arcane build.

I got the third ending but now went straight to NG+. Now I can’t access the Old Hunters DLC anymore :neutral_face:

WTF man! I at least opened up a short cut from the Hunter’s Nighmare.

Three trophies away from plat.

Really? Its the total opposite for me. I’m struggling with DS3. Although I haven’t finished DS3, left it when I got Bloodborne.

Yeah you can, just go kill Amelia… or try! haha

I finished her on my first try man although I doubt I can do it again lol

Thanks, I did only find it half way through my second evening playing, so I had spent a fair bit of time getting the hang of things while I took punishment from the regular enemies, fortunately the Cleric Beast was relatively slow, so I kept my distance till I could land a few hits for the most part, and used a lot of blood vials that I had accumulated.

Stuck in Central Yharnam?

I watched this yesterday, helps a lot

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Sweet, thanks. I’ll give this a watch later.

Marcus is a boss, love his videos, been subbed for years.

Ok, so

Father Gascoigne was way tougher than the Cleric Beast, Iosefka has taken a serious turn for the creepy, but the dude at Oedon Chapel is pretty creepy too. Feel very bad for the little girl, sent her to Iosefka and I’ve read what happens to her there and what happens to her if you do anything else, and none of it is good. Sent the old woman to Oedon Chapel.

Yeah, I consider Gascoigne to be one of the tougher bosses in the game. My first attempt literally took about 16 attempts, just couldn’t get the timing down.