Boet Fighter, faanaly set for release at the end of September

As someone who loves finding those odd games, especially local games, Boet Fighter caught my eye end of last year and I have been following their progress and we finally have a release date! I will let the devs and their team tell you about the game in their very unique expression of a South African "boet" accent:

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Haha! I also got the email today! I love it that okes can take the mickey with themselves! This looks like a lot of fun!


Finaaly boets! It’s just been released on Steam. Kiff hey?! Tit keen to check it out. Be lekker to local devs for just 200 randelas bruhs!


Tsk tsk, no Epic Games Store exclusive?


Seeing some mixed opinions about this. Some people are saying it’s poorly optimised and unfinished while others are saying it is well optimised and runs great. Apparently there are very few checkpoints so if you die to a boss you have to replay large portions of the game again. Judging by how monotonous the gameplay looks it can get real old, real fast (just like the humour).

I’m all for supporting local talent, but just because it’s locally made doesn’t automatically mean it is good and worth buying/playing. From what I’ve seen this is a hard pass for me.