Chair Suggestions

So I am in desperate need for a new chair, mines failing apart and my neck and shoulders are killing me.

Any suggestions ?

I see Makro has this on Special till the 28th

and then there is this

They both have adjustable arm rests which is great but It looks like the gamer one cant adjust the back rest.

R2200 is about the highest I can go

It’s freaken tough to buy a chair. My previous Makro chair didn’t last very long and wasn’t comfortable to sit in over a long while.

The biggest problem is that the only chairs with reviews are the expensive ones.

My advice would be to see if you can go try out that gaming chair at Makro. Look at the quality and how it feels and such. If it looks good then buy it. If not then buy the other.

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The only way you can judge a chair is how it feels when you sit on it and how they look

The boss got us “cheapies” from makro for the office, they keep loosing their height, they kill my back, the fake plastic leather covering is already tearing and we have had them 6 months…
The one I got for home use is now 3 years old and its still going strong, the seat does lower itself over the night. I spent R1500 back then and it was on sale from R2200 - so Rather pay the extra and get something decent. But you have to go sit in them and test them out.

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Ya I might need to go tot Ottery, looks like the other 2 Makro’s don’t have stock, it has a 3 year warrenty so thats a good sign at least.

Very good advice this!

i bought this form them last year and its an awesome chair.

these chairs with the high backs are for large tall people. the average person needs more support on the lower back and a midback chair is perfect for that.

Strangely enough my chair from makro has lasted 9 years.

The cheapies aka under R500 is really bad - we are struggling at work - 2 have broken already

@Flex it you over on Carbonite that has the Cougar Armor right ?

Indeed yeah. Have a Herman Miller chair now though.
The Cougar Armor is a great chair for its price!

I’ve got the Cougar Armor. It’s much sturdier than my previous Makro chair and I like that I can set it up exactly as I want it.

My only complaint is that because of the leathery back there’s not much breathing space so I find myself sweating quite a bit on my back when using it in the heat.

@Solitude @Flex how long have you had the cougar I see it only has a 1 year warranty, also how do I put this… what kind of frames do you guys have, are you sturdy lads ? I looked at one yesterday and my initial thoughts were that it feels hard, might just need to be worn in a bit. been looking at that vs the vertagear sl2000 which to me its the same chair minus 3d armrest.

That is the case with all these gaming chairs. They do tend to get quite hot/

I had mine for about a year I reckon, not quite sure now. I am by no means a very bug guy. Weigh just under 80kg.
All of these gaming chairs are built so similarly, except if you go look at the top end ones for 10K +.

But yeah, keep the heat in mind as @Solitude mentioned above

I should be ok with the heat aspect, 80kg is fine I’m about the same, were you happy with it after a year pick up any issues ? side note: why the change to the Herman Miller ?

Yeah was very happy. no issues or anything breaking.
Someone wanted to trade. And to trade for a chair almost 4 times the value and life time warranty

ya you scored big time there, been looking at them tried one out but way expensive, I see some on gumtree for 4k but its in jhb, so if I could get someone to look and pay so I don’t get scammed great but I wonder what it would cost to courier down here

Wow 4K. Aeron? I would look at it carefully!
And they are VERY VERY heavy, so probably won’t be worth to courier it

ya I wouldn’t just buy it without having it checked out

Probably gonna just take the Cougar and break it in, i don’t want to spend the money but my chair is wrecked and I spend so much time in it i suppose its worth it , its close to GPU upgrade in terms of cost, but when you start drawing those kinds of comparisons you ever get anything done

IF you can go look at the Hermin Millers I would suggest it hey. Chairs are amazing.
If not, you also won’t go wrong with the Cougar.

casts necro spell

Its alive!!!

It is time for me to get a new chair. I had a black fleather chair that served me well. I got it from a family member who upgraded. But then the upgrade turned out to be a dud. I felt bad and gave it back.

So I am on a plastic school chair. The kind that stacks. I had it from high school when I was boarding. But my butt dont fit no more!

I have a budget of about R4k, and have looked at Evetech’s gaming chair range, but they seem too gimmicky. I had a look at the Cougars you talked about too. And even some Herman Millers, but they are very expensive.

I need a comfy office chair more than a flashy gaming chair. Any advice on where I can shop? Some national office furniture stores I can pop into in Durban? Please save my butt!


Ah, I am much wiser now than what I was when this thread was created.

So, I would not go for a gaming chair. Not worth it.

I have a chair here at my office that I love. It’s comfy, well made and just pretty awesome in general.

It’s this one:

I’ve got the mid back one at work. It’s about R600 more than your budget though. If I could go back in time then I would have gotten this chair to use at home instead of the gaming chair.