Cities: Skylines

Let this be the Cities: Skylines thread.

I created a dam by moving lots of earth around to create those hills and the water reservoir.

This is the very first dam I built in the city that naturally flood the parts of the city that where along the edge. See the Belmont District.

And another view from the other side of the man made dam/mountain.


Very nice!

I had to make a choice between Cities: Skylines and Prison Architect last month and was advised to go with Prison Architect. Still want to play Cities: Skylines sometime soon!

Dude that looks cool. But am I seeing it correctly, but is that dam filled with poo… Looks like your waste disposal is in the dam, is that right? Also are you playing with any mods?

Awesome. This is what I envisioned when I bought it, but everyone was pissed off at me and there was shit everywhere.

It is, I switched to the water treatment plant but it hasn’t helped.

No mods at the moment. But I’m searching at the moment to restrict services to their districts. The hearse drivers are waiting in traffic jams to go to the other side of the city to pick up dead bodies.

Haha, especially when you forget to connect your sewerage disposal.

I’m sure I did that. I wish I was better at this game than I am.

I’ve never played Cities: Skylines without mods. I have a whole bunch of them installed.

Currently going with the Ground Water Pump and Sewage Treatment Plant, Large water pumping station, Electrical Relay Station, Hydrogren Power Plant, BioGas Plant, a whole host of small item mods for more scatter objects, Sharp Junction Angles, Crossings, Network Extention Project, Extended Public Transport UI, Extended Building Information, Enhanced Garbage Truck AI, Medium Football Stadium, Marina Bay Resort, Automatic Bulldoze, Toggle Traffic Lights.

ooh this looks interesting… will give dam building a go once i have more cash

Moving soil around is surprisingly expensive.

just building roads is expensive enough so i can just imagine what moving soil is going to cost

Its really funny. You can get an achievement for renaming a road to “steve”

There’s a Citties Skyline logo competition which started on the 13th of March 2018.

i think this could a fun little challenge to attempt


Guys this thing looks amazing!


My city that I was working on this weekend.

My first time using the cable car.


Elevated Roundabout not sure what I was thinking.

The city as it stands now.


I really need to get back into this game. Your suburbs are laid out nicely.



Playing this now and watching youtube videos made me want to get the DLCs I don’t have.


Dude tha tis one good looking city you got there. Did you grow it from a normal game by unlocking everything?

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Built it normal game, still need to unlock monuments at 80K and a few of those special buildings.

Haven’t ever used mods. They kinda scare me…


Seeing those screenshots make me want to play the game. Have always wanted to and yet have never played it even though I got it in a Humble Bundle or something.

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