Clickbait titles for Mundane Things

Inspired by the shenanigans in the MEW Streamers thread, I thought we could have some on-forum fun.

Clickbait titles, love them or hate them they very often do their job to pique people’s curiosity and get them to follow the link and thereafter the hundreds of pages you have to click through to get the full story - which turns out to be far less interesting than you were made to believe, and now you’re drowing in intrusive adverts, probably having you CPU used for crypto mining and… I digress.

Come up with your own clickbait title for something mundane. Hide the mundane truth in spoiler tags and get people clicking through to find out the answer.

Here’s an example:

Could this be the end of mighty CPU giant Intel?


Funniest list of pranks ever! number 2 will SHOCK you


Well played!

You do realise that is glitterbomb worthy. . . . . .

Well played

Well done. I was expecting a rickroll. I was pleasantly surprised.


How sad that its my first “nice reply” badge…for THAT comment!

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Folk in these parts really like a good list of pranks, it seems…