Considering a new monitor. Help needed

Hi all,

I wanted to get a bit of feedback from my fellow gamers wrt a possible monitor replacement. It’s one aspect of my setup that I’ve never really splurged on, but with gaming monitors becoming more affordable, I’m starting to consider it. I would very much like your opinion on a few key features.

I’m currently using a very vanilla Acer 230HL 60Hz TN panel. No adaptive sync, doesn’t even have HDMI output. My main considerations for a replacement are:

Size: Desk space is somewhat limited, so 24’ would be fine. I’m also worried about poor pixel density on large displays.
Resolution: I’m OK with sticking to 1080p since my RX580 probably won’t cut it for high quality high framerate 1440p. Which brings us to:
Refresh rate: I’m very interested in hearing any opinions on 144 vs 60Hz; is it really that big of a deal for you and why?
Adaptive sync: Must support Freesync. Has anyone used this before, and what are your thoughts on it?
Panel type: Ties into refresh rate. I’d like to get a VA since it’s better than TN but can still do 144Hz.
Curved or not: Again, what are your thoughts? What is a curved monitor like to live with when you’re not gaming? Any drawbacks?
Price: Preferably not too far past the R4k mark.

So far the AOC C24G1 seems a really solid option that ticks all the boxes. I’m just a bit hesitant to spend so much without some idea of whether it’s worth the buy. It’s not like CPUs or GPUs where you can just compare benchmarks…

Please, MEW community, you’re my only hope. What should I do?


Holy shit. When people said that the difference was “pretty noticeable” I was like “meh, probably a waste of money” Until I saw how fucking insane this shit is. 60hz feels like absolute shit now and I don’t think I can ever go back. It’s like playing a whole new game. If you’re considering getting a 144hz, do it right now, you will not be upset.

Had to get the copypasta out the way :smiley:

I have a “cheap” asus 24" VG248QE 144hz as my main monitor, and another 24" (my old one) normal as my seconday (that only does 60hz). I can tell you now, i am sadly never going to be able to go back to 60hz for gaming.

Even just mouse movements on the desktop look waaaay smoother (and i can do side by side comparison with both monitors :stuck_out_tongue: )

For gaming, especially twitch FPS’s, i would HIGHLY recommend a 144hz. From what i hear the jump from 60 to 144 is more noticeable than 144 to 240, and since you happy with smaller monitor size and 1080p, you very likely to get a very good deal…just watch out for input latency. make sure its low too :smiley:

good luck


For me the refresh rate makes a difference up to around 100hz. It feels so much smoother than 60 and generally nicer for high motion games.

I can’t say if it’s worth it for you or not though. I personally wouldn’t want to invest too much into 1080p. If you are planning on a GPU upgrade, maybe do that first and consider a decent 4k monitor with HDR after.


That is a good point to remember. If you plan to be using it for eye candy in games, you obviously need to be able to actually run the games at 144+ fps @ 1080p, otherwise you’re not really making use of it. So gotta make sure your setup can handle that before getting the monitor :slight_smile:

(i have deliberately not commented on the g/free sync, panel type or the AOC because I feel other people are likely more knowledgable than what i’d have to say, i can just give feedback from my own experience)


Thanks guys, good feedback so far.

I’m not really into twitch shooters, but I also enjoy racing and flight sims, so those would certainly benefit from the added smoothness.

Very good point, thanks for raising that. I am considering a GPU upgrade but definitely not a 4K monitor or 4k capable GPU; it’s just too expensive. If AMD releases something below the 5700 that is good for 1440p, I’m all over it. 1440p monitors are bigger and pricier than 1080p though, but getting cheaper.

True, but the advantage of adaptive sync together with a high refresh rate is that if your system can output more than 60fps, the monitor will sync to that output, even if it doesn’t get all the way to 144. So it will still look better than 60.

Lots to mull over, I see.


That’s a fine size

144Hz it definitely helps at higher FPS

Hell yes, this effectively eliminates screen tearing without the negatives of V-Sync

If you’re only running one monitor and will only ever use one then curved is fine. Multi monitor setups with curved screens are odd


That AOC seems to be the only monitor which meets your criteria. I had a similar dilemma recently and ended up needing to spend a lot more to get 1440p and 144Hz. I think 1080p, 144Hz is good for your card.

I didn’t notice the refresh rate issue that much. I like having 144Hz but I don’t think I’m doing any better in competitive games. I’d rather have it but I play sub 60fps games frequently on console, so I’m not fussy. For around R4k, I would want 144Hz.

Adaptive Sync is great. This is the most important thing for me. It makes inconsistent frame rates feel much smoother. I’m playing Control now, which is super demanding. FreeSync makes this game feel almost perfectly smooth, despite sub 60fps frame drops. Even nVidia has basic support for FreeSync on some monitors now.

My monitor is VA as well. The extreme edges of the monitor lack some contrast from up close. Sitting further back, everything looks fine. The black levels and contrast of VA are lovely. Colour accuracy might not match the best IPS panels, but for gaming, this isn’t that important, imo. Apparently VA can “smear” but I have not noticed.

I’ve never used a curved panel but on small monitors, the curve is subtle. It might also help maintain the contrast and viewing angles on the edges.


Yeah, that’s the plan. I don’t see a multi monitor setup in my future.


This is good to hear. I’ve never seen it in action but I’m very keen to try it.

You join Dirt Rally, yes?


Good sales pitch. :grin: I don’t own it though. I should have added that I only play racing games once in a blue moon, but I enjoy them when I do.


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My 2c: I was also skeptical on the refresh rate thing. Then I got a 75hz Ultrawide and I was more convinced than ever that it is just baloney!

But the I got a 1440p 144hz monitor and oh my godness! The smoothness! 144hz is clearly and utterly better than 60hz. I can overclock it to 165hz but i cannot tell the difference.

And just a note on resolution: I often played games on 1080p on my 1440p monitor, not a problem. It actually feels better than normal 1080p as the pixels are closer together and just feel nice. Could be a little more future proof?

Good luck making this call! It took me 6 months to decide on my monitor!

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Interesting point. So get a nice 1440p monitor but run demanding games at a lower res until I have a rig that can properly do 1440. Older games of course will run at 1440p with no issues.

Very good idea! Damn, my potential pool of choices just increased…

EDIT: But eish, the price jump… A 1440p 144hz monitor is easily over R7k, some more than 8. That’s very steep.

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My plan was to wait until my end year bonus :grin:


Still, bonus or no bonus, I’m not sure I can justify that kind of money. It’s easier to spend on components that have a noticable performance impact. I don’t want to be in a position where I’ve blown 7k on a monitor and be disappointed with the improvement.


Keep in mind that your monitor will probably last 7+ years, so get a good one if and when you get a new one


144Hz, such ancient tech


Yeah, I haven’t bought a new one in 10 years. Every other component in my PC has been replaced in that time, most of them more than once.

I fully understand that! The choices to be made when you spend on your gaming habits can haunt you for life! Good luck!

And, just to play devil’s advocate here, you will be surprised at how much impact 144hz will have on your gaming! I would rate that higher than the 1440p. I just thought that if you are buying new, then maybe bump it up slightly and it will last you even longer.

Final side note: search Carbonite for a good second hand monitor. They often have guys selling good stuff for very low prices!


Will give it a look, thanks. That’s maybe not a bad idea.