CPU Upgrade Advice


Ok so I want to look to upgrading my CPU, my budget is around 4k, max 5k as I still need to get payed at the end of the month, here is my current build, mostly for gaming obviously but I do tend to have multiple stuff open at a time like steam, blizzard app, firefox(with multiple windows and tabs) e-mail etc. But in summary I want to be able to play games whilst having at least firefox open on my other screen for watching youtube etc.
Suggestions and links will be appreciated.

(the GPU and RAM need to be upgraded as well, but that will come later, so don’t worry about that for now)


Looks like you only need a new GPU, the ram as well as CPU should be more than enough for gaming with those programs running (I noticed that your monitors are at 60hz). Although doubling up the ram would make the multitasking run smoother with less chance of page filing.


see the thing that is bothering me is that when I am playing Destiny 2, which my CPU should be good enough to handle it stays at 100%, which I am not a fan of, I am not even playing on like high resource intensive settings. Now, it could obviously just be D2’s fault, so it’s not a solid reason, but I have seen one or two games that need i7 4790 as recommended by “Can you run it”, and also I plan to upgrade my entire PC over time, so I want to start with the CPU since I have been saving up for like half the year now. So again, don’t pay any attention to the RAM and GPU right now, I will upgrade that later.

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Well you can get a 7600 or 7600k for roughly that price range, but its still an i5 so I don’t know how much of an upgrade that is over your 7400. I don’t think it would be worth the money.

My recommendation would be to save more to get a 7700k which is the most powerful cpu for your mobo, if cpu is the only thing you are looking at currently. I also don’t know what cooler you have currently, but the 7700k runs hot, and doesn’t come with a cooler in the box, so you would need something decent as well.

(Assuming you are buying new, I don’t like buying second hand so I have no knowledge on what prices may be)

(RAM and GPU are probably better places to start though, tbh)


RAM is your biggest problem from what I can see, it’s slow and you have too little.

You might want to avoid the xx50 and below GPUs if you can.

Based on what you’ve described as your use case (more than just gaming) I’d suggest an i7, but you won’t need a K.


Ok ok, I’ll go the GPU and RAM route first then, I want to get at least a 1080 and this RAM, problem is the GPU is basically as expensive as the CPU


Get a 2x8GB kit or a 4x4GB kit


100% agree on the 16gb ram


You want to do mutlitasking along with gaming, and not have to replace your mobo every 18 months? Wait until Q1 next year when Gen 2 Ryzen launches, then ditch Intel.