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Good day ya’ll.

I wanted to create a space for devs and designers to share websites, apps, webapps, etc. that are cool or inspirational. You know, those ones that do something different with their framework, that have great usability and interactions, those that have amazing animations and gestures, sites of an impressive nature by how they have been designed or developed. Be it minimal or complex, accessible or brash. I wanna see 'em all.

As a designer myself, I am always on the lookout for such sites, apps, illustrations, examples and inspirations. Even if it’s simply presenting a data table in a new and interesting way. Let’s see what ya’ll got…

First off.

I found this site to be so retro and creative and really thinking outside the box here. Going against the norm of what is trending today and yet it totally pulls it off.

Beo… :v::sunglasses:


Check out this one:


That is mind-blowingly amazing. Almost a parallax effect and a well-executed one at that. Very great use of 2 dimensions, cleverly thought out indeed.


The site of the people who designed Polly Kole’s website is also pretty neat. Straight forward single-pager with some tweaks to make it stand out.


Yeah, upon checking out that site I immediately looked to see the source and where it came from. And again, the parallax effect is apparent, they work this very well into the whole VR/AR feel of the sites.

I’ve been planning out our new company website for about 2 months nie (with a big EU focus, seeing as we now officially have branches in Ireland and Austria) and my plan has been to go ThreeJS + React all along. After several to and fro design sessions with our designers, I decided to toy with the tech a bit to get myself accustomed to it. Settling in using React Three Fiber, I’ve fallen madly in love with it. I’ve secretly had a desire to build games my whole professional career, and this just brings web app and gaming tech so much closer together. I’m already planning how to upskill our 35 devs and 6 designers in using this tech to create stunning experiences for our corporate and consumer focussed clients.

So watch this space, as I’ll share our progress as it goes along. I might even open source the website as a learning experience for others.


Please do! I love this type of exploratory involvement.

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I found these posters absolutely sublime; a retro take on today’s services, perfect for any (home)office.

Once Appon a Time


Is this the correct topic? :man_shrugging:

Motivation: as someone that’s been through phpbb and that era of traditional forum software, delt with designers and UX designers, I have to say, the software that MEW is using is fantastic, by comparison. UI’s have come a long way. I remember when mobile focused webapp, that well and truly did it right, was a dream.

The fact that it’s open source, is great. That empowers anyone with the drive to learn, to get it up and running on their own hardware.


I’ve been looking into recreating the terminal aesthetic recently and while I was looking around I found these websites listed as examples of people who used commandline interfaces on their websites.

And here is the Bootstrap site restyled to look like an old DOS shell.

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Those are really slick, thanks for sharing @SIGSTART. Great to see traditional patterns being “thrown away” and going with something completely different or abstract every, yet the usability is still nailed. I love the style guide (or component) section of that Terminus one. So well done!