Does anybody here actually LOVE their job?

I was just wondering. Do any of you actually love your job ? Maybe that is too strong a word. What about “really really like” ?

Reason I ask is, I’ve been feeling extremely demotivated as this year was drawn to a close. I’m exhausted and jaded and just feeling listless and overall…KAPUT!

I am taking a break in two weeks, but i’m terrified that I will still feel this way when I return from leave. the main issue is that the job i’m currently doing isn’t something I enjoy. But it pays the bills,so I can’t complain too much. But wondering if any of you are lucky enough to enjoy your work ?

used to like my job, now its just a means to an end. im mostly bored out of my mind at work and am planning a career change in the upcoming future.

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I really like my job. It has its ups and downs obviously, but i never wake up in the morning dreading going to work.

thats exactly how i feel !

I do enjoy my work, the job however can become tiresome. But overall I really enjoy doing what I do. In my experience though, when you start asking yourself those kinda questions and it becomes a chore to get out of bed, or you start regretting it before you’ve even gotten out of bed. Those are signs you need to look elsewhere, clearly it longer satisfies you and you’re not going to get any further.

very true, but I am terrified at the prospect of moving jobs at this stage of my career. If I was younger and more junior, i would have chucked in a heartbeat. But I’m not and not, so it makes it a bit tricky :frowning:

Yeah, I can get with that. It’s one of the aspects that toiled with me about my Cape Town move. I guess the biggest thing is, you need to take that first step and confidence of leaving your “comfort zone”.

I do most of the time. Lately maybe a little bit less due to circumstances and people… well, 1 person really

I do love my job. As with all things, it has its ups and downs, but I’ve received a whole host of opportunities from the company and my job. I’ve had the pleasure of travelling to places I’ve never been, and the travelling is not going to stop anytime soon it seems.

But my job itself is enjoyable. I find what I do interesting, it’s never boring of feels the same over and over, and I feel like I accomplish something. I am high up Maslow’s pyramid at this point.

I have a set 5 and 10 year plan for my career that I want to achieve, all building up from where I am right now.

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I love my job as its really rewarding, my superiors however :expressionless:

that is also an issue I have. Lack of direction from the powers that be…

Same here, and the fact I’m feeling financial strain is not helping.

I like the work I do, hence the studies to make it more official by studies. But I hate my job and the place I am working at. Mostly since it is a small business, there isnt much for me to do, so they pay me just for the work I do - which is at least 2/3rds lower than the standard industry rates. But by sending out my CV on a weekly basis with no response or feedback. I get maybe 1 interview every 6 months.

yeah, I’d say I enjoy my job. I enjoy what I do, i just sometimes don’t get enjoyment out of clients until afterwards, when I look back and laugh at my frustration and their idiocy and go “ah yes, that will make for a good IT story”

To be honest, no I don’t. I was kind of forced to start up the company I co-own with a business partner. It was thrilling, scary, stressful, exciting and a whole bucket full of other emotions all at the same time. With time, I’ve realised it has severely affected my personality and general outlook on life - mostly for the worse.

While I sometimes get a bit excited about an interesting project I get to be part of, I’m growing to detest the day-to-day involvement in many of the projects. You can’t stay focused when being a critical part of several large projects at once. I’ve found some comfort in playing the high-level consultant role, dreaming up solutions to complex (or sometimes creative) problems and delegating the work to my teams to get done. Sadly, it really is very difficult to get capable, dependable developers to get the work done, so I end up getting too involved in the projects.

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I hate my job. I wish a truck would put me out of my misery on the way to work in the mornings. I do however LOVE the paycheck.


how do you live a paycheck?


Why you always gotta be like that?

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well it is something the wicked witch of the west would do you know

I enjoy my job, didnt two years ago. It’s 100% commission based so no work no pay.

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