Elite Dangerous

I’m sure that everyone knows what Elite Dangerous is. It’s been out for a long while now.

Some of us are playing it on the XBox One at the moment. If any of you are interested in joining us, let us know.

Also it’s currently on special on Steam. Just until tonight I think:

Personally I’m going to start playing this weekend. Watched a couple of videos and how love the complexity of it.

Ag thank you for creating this thread, I was on the verge of doing it myself, but got distracted by work

My story of rags to riches is a long and unfinished story. In ED, you start off with the Sidewinder, and while it is a capable little ship, it is severely limited. I started out with some easy bounty hunting, some delivery missions, some light trading, and ground my way out to owning an Eagle. The Eagle was an awesome little ship, and I equipped it for bounty hunting. After a few rounds of combat and missions, the allure of riches called me to trading. So I bought a Hauler and started doing that. The Hauler, later on, made way for the Cobra, and then the Type 6. With the Type 6, I managed to find some really lucrative trade routes and made a good bit of change. I finally made enough to buy the Asp Explorer which I still have, and have been travelling vast distances and exploring the galaxy.

Then I learned about passenger missions, and I was intrigued. So I bought myself the Dolphin and boy, did I make a boatload of credits with that thing. The passenger missions are seriously good for making a crap ton of money in a short amount of time.

So now I’m sitting with a few million credits, and the call to combat is beckoning me back. I am thinking of buying a Viper MKIV and outfitting it for combat only, and going on some more bounty hunting missions. I currently still own the Type 6, the Asp and the Dolphin. Perhaps now is the time to add a combat unit to my fleet.

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My plan is to start playing Sunday morning most likely and then play the whole day. Starting with doing the tutorials and then in game doing some missions and getting a feel for the game.

Eventually I wanted to have tried at least a little bit of every aspect of the game.

Before I’ve actually played, I like the idea of trading and then I also like the idea of exploring. Even though I read that the exploring can be very boring. It sounds relaxing however.


That is your friend for getting the best possible trade routes and making credits quickly.

Exploration can be boring if you’ve got the base game only. With the DLC you can land on planets which adds a different element to it. It is however very relaxing. I put on a podcast and just explore the galaxy as far as my ship can go.

Thanks for the link!

If by any chance you are playing on Sunday and feel like chatting you are welcome to create a party. Game wise I’m going to get the hang of the game first before joining for actual co-op gameplay.

I wonder if you get Discord on XBox. I guess not.

No, but the Xbox Party function works well. I’ll be able to play only later in the afternoon and evening though. And later we can organise a fly-along, where you join me in my Asp and we fly around looking for trouble. You can then see other mechanics of the game that you might not get from the tutorials.

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I wish I could join you, but I really don’t want to buy it for my X1. I own it on PC and would rather buy it for my PS4 Pro.
From what I’ve read the game doesn’t look all that pretty on X1 and isn’t very smooth.

If you can’t discord on Xbox though, then I can’t even talk to you guys while I play on PC. So that sucks. Unless you can use Xbox Party on PC via the Xbox app?

You’ve definitely been reading some foolish comments then. I can absolutely guarantee you that the game is a sight to behold on the Xbox One X, and runs like a dream. Compared to how it ran and looked like on Xbox One OG, it’s a night and day difference. I literally don’t get any FPS dips with the X, and the loading and warping is much quicker than it normally was.

I said X1, not X1X.

Ah…my mistake. Then yes, it runs like ass on the OG Xbox One.

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@Blazzok you can always pretend that Hammer and I are there. As you fly around you imagine what we would have said. i believe some LSD will probably help with that.

Still even if you are playing at the same time as us it will be nice to chat and hear what you are up to.

I believe you may be able to use the XBox One pc app and be part of a group even though you aren’t playing. However I just think so and will have to go google to see if it’s actually so.


It does appear to be possible:

The cool thing then is that we’ll be playing Elite Dangerous in two mirror universes. Just like Star Trek: Discovery! (Um I don’t know if that’s a spoiler)

But we can communicate with each other through space, time and um whatever connects parallel mirror universes!

I like it.

I haven’t watched that far. My life is ruined! Nooooo!!!

edit: Mod powers are so cool :slight_smile:

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Every time I see this game I think it looks so cool until I read the reviews and one thing they all have in common is the time this game takes from you.

I think that @Beo was heavily into Elite Dangerous at one point.

I don’t know if you guys saw this

An explorer in Elite Dangerous who was stranded outside our galaxy has been rescued thanks to a trio of pilots who flew out to refuel her. The rescue mission took days to plan and execute because of the long distances involved. But eventually the explorer, Commander Persera, was returned to the milky way after setting a new record for travelling further from Sol than any other player. Not to mention spending a full week in the void between galaxies.

“It feels like both one of the shortest and longest weeks of my life,” she said.

The explorer had ventured out into the black in the hopes of breaking a previous record but became stranded after a fuel miscalculation. Basically, she didn’t have enough space petrol to make the return journey.

But a group of Elite players known as the Fuel Rats – pilots who rescue other players by refilling their tanks with fuel limpet drones or fixing broken systems with repair drones – scrambled to rescue Persera. From the point of departure at a remote system called Semotus Beacon, it would take two full days of real time flying to reach her. But on December 23, they finally did.

“I can hardly describe the sound of a ship dropping out nearby,” she said in a forum post, “despite having probably heard it a thousand times by now. Sometimes it’s just background, sometimes it’s the sound of imminent danger, but this time it was the most glorious sound I’d ever heard – and I got to hear it three times in rapid succession.

Haha yeah I’ve read that, it’s quite cool.

I see the game is a 15.7GB download on Steam (with Horizons).

Pftt it’s not much of a spoiler.

But yes what do you think about the XBox app group thingy?

Well if the xbox group thing will work I’m good with that. Not sure how it works, but can figure it out.

Cool, how far are you with Dark Souls 3?

Also don’t let me bully you into playing Elite Dangerous. I don’t know what your gaming plans were.

I just killed Yhorm the Giant so now I need to fight Pontiff Sulyvahn next (already unlocked the shortcut to him). I can’t remember much of the game after him though, hopefully when I see it I will remember again.

No, don’t worry. I don’t really have a fixed game play plan like you do. I kinda jump around as I want. :slight_smile:

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