Elite Dangerous



I’m down for this, at least a few sessions if we can organize that.


So last night I settled on building myself a fighter focused ship. I ended up buying the Cobra MKIII because of it’s superior handling and speed. The shields are a bit low on it, but nothing a great big 3A Sheild Generator can’t fix. Kitted it out with beam lasers and multi-cannons and everything. I went on a few sorties, and all went very well. But I’m still very hesitant in combat and choose my targets very carefully.

So now I have the Type 6 that’s been fitted with big FSD’s and 112 tons of storage space, as my trader craft, I have the Dolphin with the economy class cabins for passenger missions, the Asp Explorer with a huge FSD, fuel scoops and scanning equipment for exploration of space, and the Cobra kitted with lots of guns and utilities for combat and bounty hunting. I think I’m pretty sorted now.

Also, both the Asp and the Cobra have extra seats for anyone interested in a co-pilot co-op scenario.


I’d be interested to try this out.


Awesome!! I’ve never done it so I don’t really know how to set it up, but it looks straightforward. We can try this on Sunday with Soli perhaps.


I started downloading the game last night, but then thunder rolled our way to I unplugged the modem. So the download will continue tonight so I should be able to play from Wednesday or so.


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Dark Souls Trilogy

Sunday I think will be more of a time for me to do the tutorials and get the basic hang of things. Hmm but maybe by Sunday afternoon I will have done that. Cool, lets see what happens.


Of course, PCMR ftw. \o/

Dark Souls Trilogy

Yeah I’m down for Sunday arvie or night.


Unfortunately I can’t do the evening. Will be playing from early in the morning until sometime in the afternoon though if everything goes well.


27 February! Just in time!


Hmmm I’m thinking that I should wait until the release of Beyond - Chapter One before I start.


Is that a new DLC for the game which has to be bought seperately?

I played a bit last night (for the first time in about 3 years) and it was so damn nerve wracking to launch and exit the station, go to supercruise and come back and land again, that I rather stopped and played Dark Souls. I had completely forgotten all of the controls and I had forgotten how difficult it is when you just start out.
The game is very beautiful though, will play some more when I have the time.


No, Elite Dangerous: Beyond will be free, but I have a suspicion that you need Horizons to get the DLC free. I’ve read articles that say all players are getting it free, but the Wiki’s for the game all states that it’s free if you have Horizon.

But this will be a cool update. Can’t wait to see what they do to the economy.


Sweet. Now I just need to get my Horizons working. Even after I entered my CD Key on the Frontier website, it still tuned me “Horizons required” for some of the new features. So I’ll have to have a look again tonight what the issue is.


Did some more flying last night and it is slowly coming back to me. Wanted to upgrade my Type 6’s FSD to 4A so I can do farther jumps, but holy shit is it expensive! It costs more than the ship costs new!

So now I need to decide if I’m just going to save for the passenger ship, or buy a better FSD.


I might try playing some tonight and see how this Mixer thing works, try get it streaming and see what the quality is like.


Nice, if you do, send me a link and I’ll watch for a bit.

I’m going to wait for Tuesday’s update before I start.


yeah send link please


Will have a look if it has to be done via Mixer, maybe try YouTube and Twitch as well.