Elite Dangerous



That is what you need.

I assume if you’re talking about Mixer you’ll be playing on Xbox right?


Yeah, don’t have a PC or capture cards etc. So it will need to use native supported apps on console.


Wow, I just learned that you can actually go and find both Voyager 1 and 2 in E: D. I’ll definitely have to put that on my bucket list.


I’m trying to get my Keelback to a better explorer state and make a journey to Sagittarius A, anyone with me?



After the update tomorrow I’ll hopefully start playing soon. Looking forward to it.



I tried to watch @DieGrootHammer’s stream yesterday, but it didn’t really want to work for me. Or I’d get the audio working with no video. Think it could be fun to chat on xbox party while playing this.

Also Hammer, I realised why I couldn’t figure out planet landing last time I played and we were on Discord. My Horizons wasn’t activated yet, so I couldn’t land on planets yet :smiley: That is why it was kicking me out of orbital cruise all the time.

I bought myself a Dolphin and kitted it out with mostly Economy seats, and I think 3 or so Business seats, because I mostly get Economy missions at the moment. I just do short transport hauls, I haven’t yet tried to do one of the longer, adventure trips (although the money is enticing).


Aww I didn’t even know there was a stream yesterday.


Hmm, yeah I just tested streaming via Mixer on the Xbox to see how it goes. It’s really easy, just need to sort out some technical issues then if there are any.

And yes we should use the party app to talk to each other. If we all play in the Open server, we should be able to find each other as well. Well all of us on Xbox that is.

Ah see that makes sense.

Welcome to the money train. The missions are boring, but they can give you a lot of money very quickly

Yeah I just quickly started a stream to see how it works. I’ll look into streaming again in the future.


if you’re into role playing they create some immersion.


When/if they bring in an actual story into the game I will reconsider getting back into it in a big way. I always go back, do a few missions/things and then realise (yet again) that procedurally generated content looks pretty much the same as the previous one with random replacements of locations.

I then stop playing (yet again)


I doubt they ever will. There is enough in the game in it’s world building and lore, it’s actually very deep if you take time to read Galnet and learn more about it. I actually think it’s great the way it is and it really lends itself well to the purpose of role playing and making your own story.


I totally get where you’re coming from. The game is not a story driven narrative type of game. It is one where you are left to your own devices and an entire galaxy to explore. And while things can get very samey after a while, I think it’s the individual stories that each person weaves for themselves that makes this game great. Or rather, let me say, great for people like me and @BeoTeK. We like taking up the call, exploring the unknown, and roleplaying our own characters.

What you may be interested in is the new update. With this update, the Galnet news will be read out loud in the cockpit, so you don’t need to go to a special menu page and read a bunch of text. Sometimes people don’t like doing that. With that update, the galaxy news and the changes in power is more at the forefront of gameplay, so it’s possible that you might get into it more, being exposed to it more easily.



For those who say Elite doesn’t have “story”…


My first impressions for Elite Dangerous aren’t good.

You basically have to play with an encyclopedia. I don’t mind some complexity and I don’t mind having to learn systems. However the game isn’t user friendly at all. I’ve also encountered some bugs.

Tomorrow morning I will start the game with a new save. Hopefully it’ll go better then. I’ll give the game a proper chance.


Came across this white dwarf start as I was doing a mission. The screenshot really doesn’t do it justice, it was magnificent!


That gorgeous!! I’ve not yet encountered a white dwarf or a pulsar like that yet. Need to get my exploration on.


It’s very beautiful @Blazzok!

I’m here at work and have so much to do and yet my mind keep jumping to Elite.

I wonder if there’s a cool galaxy map app where you can plan routes.


This might work, although I haven’t tried it myself.


Cool, will give it a try. Thanks.