Elite Dangerous



I laughed so hard. Makes me want to get the game for VR even more.


This seems quite similar to No Man’s Sky. How does it compare? Is it the sim equivalent of NMS’ arcadey gameplay?


Elite Dangerous is a proper sim in that it’s even hard to land. And when you first start it’s mindbogglingly complicated until you learn how everything works. When that clicks it becomes super addictive.

There are many roles you can assume and you get to play in our actual galaxy. Yes, even Sol is there!

I know some people don’t like it. Like @Hiro. Others like it so much that they buy it on multiple platforms like @BeoTeK.

My first impressions were poor but now I can’t wait to play again.

I’d say watch some videos about it to get an idea if it’s something you’ll like or not. I can tell you one thing though: It requires a lot of time. In my opinion at least. It’s not something you can quickly sit down and play for half an hour.


It does yeah. Which is why I probably have hundreds of hours in it.

But yes, you can’t sit down for an hour and expect any improvement as very little progression can be made in that time frame. I would say take 4 hour sessions to make any meaningful contribution.


And get a docking computer :slight_smile:


Ok, so I guess it’s not for me then. I seldom get time to play for longer than an hour at a time.


I can lend/give you my PC account, if you wanna try it out.


Not necessary, but thanks for the offer. I’ll stick to finishing Horizon Zero Dawn and Hollow Knight for now. And with baby on the way my free time is taken up by cleaning out and furnishing the room that will be the nursery.


I love Elite Dangerous.

Which means I’m going to stop playing it…

Because this game is made for VR. It’s beautiful in 4K on the XBox One X but I can’t think of a better game for VR so I will just have to wait for a special and then start playing it on the pc.


A friend! Soon…


Yes, hopefully there will be a special on it soon!


Dude, I have 2 PC accounts that aren’t being used!!


No, I have to link it to my account. Otherwise it’s just weird. But thanks!

Also, why do you have two pc accounts?


If memory serves I was approx. ~7,500ly out of the bubble on my primary account when an update was deployed (Engineers I believe), and I didn’t want to fly back so I bought another account which would start within the bubble.

So yes, you’re welcome to have my secondary account and even link it if you like.


Thanks for the offer Beo but I’ll wait for a special. :grin:


You’re just stubborn.


He is almost as bad as me


That must be good. When I play on the PS4 you can activate it that you can look around by tilting the controller. Actually enjoyed that. Can’t imagine it in VR.


Don’t make me get it on PS4 too.


@BeoTeK I know you have played this game on every platform imaginable. Would you say console is better to handle than pc? or was pc better? Without HOTAS of course.