Elite Dangerous



First stop, The Arkgamanon Mountain Range. 36 jumps.

Off to the next stop


Awesome, keep them coming.


Got to the 2nd tourist point. A nice blue glow star and an awesome gas giant.

Then…then!..something happened while I was busy in the galaxy view. Suddenly I heard alarms that the temperature was rising. Back to the cockpit and all hell is breaking loose. Nothing responding. Everything dying, then…boom.

I have no idea what happened but now I’m back here.

Ah well, I’m just going to go direct to the 3rd point. It’s not too far.


aww man that’s a bummer, wonder what happened?


Ah no man that sucks!! Almost sound like you ended up too close to a star perhaps. But that sucks. Luckily you are following the cardinal rule of Elite Dangerous: Never fly without a rebuy


I’ve had some close calls with those T Tauri type stars.


It’s very easy to get too close to a star. Which is why many explorers say you need heatsinks in a build, but that’s up for debate. A trick I started was to throttle way down when frame shift jumping, then just slowly circling a star when fuel scooping.


That sounds very much like my scooping tactic


I have made it to this tiny little planet Quantum World. Diameter is 137kms. Seen some cool stuff on the way here and waypoint 3 is not too much further to go.


Those are cool shots. I also left Quantum World this morning, but I’m still on my way to WP3. I haven’t seen those spike things yet.

Onwards! o7


I have made it to the abandoned settlement! There were also some of those spike things in the system.

I spent a little while in the system as there was a comms beacon that sends out an encoded message on the hour if you are near it. It was quite fun watching system chat discussing and trying to work it out.


I haven’t managed to get to the waypoint yet, but that’s fine ill quickly get there before heading off on the next leg. I’m at the one place just before the waypoint, so not far.


Awesome shots!
Is there a plot or map of the route of Distant Worlds 2? I’ve been looking and can’t seem to find anything. I would like to attempt this too within my own capacity.


You can keep track of it via their forums. They have handy pics, and detailed waypoint info that’s updated as the expedition goes on.


I’m now 2 Waypoints behind, so I’ll have to make some time this week to catch up and get to WP4. Quite some distance to cover now.


I had been wondering about your progress. I saw your name on the EDSM participants list showing you still at Omega


The Collection of Wonders POI is quite well named. Also, TIL jumping in on a black hole system is mildly terrifying.


Thats awesome


Ok so i made it to the settlement. The coords they gave were a bit off as i got to exactly the point of them and i couldn’t find anything. Luckily there were other players at the settlement and i saw them on my scanner like a mountain away. Suppose thats the point of an exploration event.

Now i am officially on my way to wp4 :grinning:


I started going towards WP3 last night, but didn’t get very far before I had to quit. So right now I am in the middle of nowhere. I’m taking a semi shortcut on my way to WP3 by skipping some of the views along the way. So going straight for the Space Station before going to WP3.